Unakite Healing Crystal Skull | 1.5” Natural Hand-Carved Stone Skull For Reiki, Meditation, & Chakra Energy - Soul Charms


Unakite Crystal Skull

In Tibetan and Buddhist culture, skulls symbolize the transitioning of one life to another. They represent the optimism of change rather than the sadness of loss. All of our crystal skulls are carved by skilled Himalayan craftsmen, and are energetically charged in our garden before orders are placed. Whether you intend to use them for spiritual and healing purposes or just as an adorned ornament around the house, we are sure you will love our crystal skulls.

Unakite is a stone for stimulating and opening the Heart Chakra. Unakite elevates our experience and understanding of love and emotions by tapping into our Heart Center, which connects us to the divine and unconditional love. This allows us to develop insight into our past and present experiences and helps us respond to present circumstances with emotional maturity. Unakite's ability to infuse higher love into our emotional being teaches us to let go of past shame, guilt, fear, anger, resentment, and other dead weight emotions, freeing us to live in the now with gratitude.  

Unakite's energy resonates with the earth element. The earth element is associated with two major aspects:

1. Stability. As an earth crystal, Unakite's healing properties centers, stabilizes and grounds our energy. When things get tough, Unakite steadies us so we can move forward without succumbing to overwhelming emotions. 

2. Abundance. When blessed with Mother Gaia's energy we experience success in acquiring the physical things needed to sustain life as well as the material luxuries to enjoy life to the fullest. 


  • Unakite is a mixture of green and pink patches
  • Each Unakite crystal skull will be unique in its color scheme
  • Select desired size using the button above

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