Crystal Care

Your healing crystal will help you through the journey of life by bringing your energy back into balance, increasing your awareness, and helping you realize your full potential. But did you know that there are proper ways of caring for your crystal? Read below to find out how to give your crystal the optimal amount of care it needs to maximize its healing benefits for you.

Storing your Crystal


While there is no "one size fits all" for storing crystals, you should make sure that however you choose to store your crystal prevents it from getting damaged. Below are some of our favorite ways to store crystals:

  • In a wooden box or treasure chest (this will add an ancient feel to your collection)
  • In a velvet, leather, or cloth drawstring bag (great for travelling, but make sure the bag is thick enough to protect the crystals inside!)
  • Inside drawers and cabinets (good for storing large amounts of crystals, since there is plenty of room)
  • In a glass vase or bowl (a great way to add decoration and healing energy to a room at the same time)

These are just some of the possibilities to use when it comes to storing your crystals. Get creative and find what you like best!

Charging your Crystal


Over time, crystals lose the intensity of their energy and need to be "charged" in order to regain their power. The following are some of our favorite ways to charge crystals:

  • Leaving your crystal in direct contact with sunlight or moonlight

  • Burying your crystal in the earth (go for gentle options like dirt and sand instead of rough options like gravel, which can damage your crystal)

  • Placing your crystal near vegetation (we use our garden for this)

  • Submerging your crystal in salt water (we use natural sea salt and purified water)

We like to do any of the above for at least 8 hours to give the crystal a chance to adsorb all the energy that it needs to make it like-new again, but you should charge your crystal for as long as you feel it needs to be charged.

The purchase of a crystal is the start of a relationship, and like any relationship, it needs a proper environment to flourish. By following these guidelines for healthy crystal care, you are ensuring that you are getting the most out of your crystal.


Happy crystal hunting, and namaste!