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    Healing Crystals for Balancing the Seven Chakras

    The chakra system is a series of pathways from one energy center to the next that creates harmony in all aspects of who we are. There are a total of seven chakras in the body from which energy flows. This powers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.Read More...less...

    However, blockages in one or more of our chakras result into issues that stop us from being happy and create negative impact on ourselves and the world around us. Thankfully, there are healing crystals that helps correct our energy flow. You may opt to target a specific chakra with the healing crystals associated with it, but you may also choose to balance your energy flow in its entirety with a chakra stones set. Each set contains 7 chakra healing stones that you can use to realign all the energy centers.

    What are the 7 chakras?

    The root chakra is the found at the base of the spine, and represents the need for security and safety. It grounds us in the physical world. A blocked root chakra means feelings of unease and worry about food, shelter, and resources to live.

    The sacral chakra is located at in the lower abdomen, around the area of the navel. This is the energy center for emotions and pleasure. An unbalanced sacral chakra would manifest as being either disconnected or overly controlled by our emotional body.

    The solar plexus chakra is located at the upper abdomen, around the area of the stomach. It is the energy center that is associated with self-confidence and control over your life. Misalignment of this chakra would mean a misuse of personal power to the detriment of others, or an underuse of personal power that creates feelings of low self-esteem and difficulty controlling your own life.

    The heart chakra is at the center of the chest. It is from this chakra that love, compassion, and empathy emanates. This includes love for the self, love for others, and love for the beauty of the world around us. Imbalance of the heart chakra could mean giving too much love to one aspect and disregarding the rest, or else not being able to express or feel love at all.

    The throat chakra is located in the middle of the neck. It represents our voice, our self-expression and ability to communicate with others. Blockage of the throat chakra could mean fear of showing who we truly are to others, or difficulty in getting our message across in a positive and impactful way.

    The third eye chakra is found between the eyebrows. It focuses on our ability to perceive reality in all realms. It is associated with intuition, wisdom, and our ability to look deeper into ourselves and the world around us. Misalignment of the third eye chakra would mean getting overwhelmed by the details, finding it difficult to see the bigger picture, or leaning too heavily on either the physical or etheric realm.

    The crown chakra is found at the top of the head. It represents our ability to commune with the divine. Once this chakra is achieved, you feel enlightened as your spiritual and physical aspects are completely integrated. Imbalance in this chakra would manifest as being spiritually malnourished.

    How to use a chakra stones set

    Those who want to target all their chakras in each meditation session would benefit from using a chakra stones set. All contain at least 7 chakra healing stones—each one targeting a specific energy center. You may choose to have additional stones that are used to amplify each individual stone’s healing energy and integrate all of them to form one cohesive power. The most popular and commonly used stone for amplification is a clear quartz wand. Clear quartz is considered the “master healer” stone and is used to amplify the healing properties of all the other stones. 

    You may choose a set of tumble stones in its uncut form for its raw power. There is also a polished version inscribed with each chakra’s symbol. If you would like something easier to carry around and use in meditation, chakra energy generators combine the stones in one handy structure. Additionally, these incorporate sacred geometry with seven-point star surrounding a central stone. Bracelets and necklaces holding seven chakra stones serve to continue the healing power throughout the time you wear it, and also adds a punch to any outfit. A single pendant designed with 7 layers, each of different chakra healing stones, is another version of this holistic chakra healing product.

    Aside from putting together 7 chakra healing stones, you may also try wearing 7 chakra bracelets that includes a different stone for each of the 7 chakras. You also can benefit from wearing rainbow aura quartz or having a rainbow aura quartz cluster in your living space. Rainbow aura quartz is known to remove energy blockages and balance the 7 chakras.