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    Carry the energy of powerful crystals anywhere you go with crystal stone bracelets. It’s to ward off harmful energy when in our home since that’s where we keep our gemstones, but what happens when you’re outside? As we travel, we are more vulnerable to the energies of both the environment and other people. These stone bracelets are a perfect way to protect your energy from being sucked or affected by negativity.more...less...

    All around, there exists an electromagnetic energy that is emitted from all forms of gadgets and technology. In our highly advanced society today, these high amounts of electromagnetic energy have harmful effects on our body. Nowadays, it’s hard to survive without even a bit of technology, but crystal bead bracelets will cleanse that energy and can even convert it into positive ones.

    Each gemstone brings unique healing and protective properties with it. These crystal beads have energies that can soothe the soul and ease tensions in your body. Dark colors like Black Obsidian are powerful protection beads that not only create barriers around you, but they also dispel the harmful energy back to its source. Whereas, crystals in the color of the oceans and skies like Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli are particularly known for assisting in communication.

    Crystals also bring special qualities. For instance, the Aventurine bracelet can bring you good fortune and prosperity. Some crystals can enhance your mind like the Lapis Lazuli. Qualities and meanings of each crystal changes with the color, too. Though they may be different, they usually have similar traits if they are the same gemstones just in different colors.

    Sometimes it may be hard to decide on the right crystal bracelet but if you feel drawn to certain ones, don’t hesitate to pick that one. There are times when crystals have vibrations that call for us because it is something that we need. That energy would be greatly beneficial to you, so it’s best to go with your gut when deciding.

    For this collection, there’s a wide variety of crystals that serve many purposes. You can also purchase a set of 35 unique gemstones. With a set, you’ll get the full benefit of these stone bracelets. Mix and match different crystals and colors to amplify their effect. The best thing about having multiple crystals is that they harmonize and work with each other instead of against. 

    You can also gift them to your friends. Crystal bracelets received as gifts have a stronger effect because it has the intentions of the original owner. Share the love that flows into your home by giving one of these to the most important people in your life.

    Live your day full of assurance and positive energy with a bracelet from this collection!

    Though normally crystals area cleansed with water, there are some that cannot get wet such as the Hematite and Turquoise because it damages them. Take note of these crystals and be sure not to wear them as you swim or shower. Similarly, some like the Amethyst cannot be under the sun too long as it makes their color fade. If you wish to recharge or cleanse them, you can do so through meditation or the use of other crystals.