Throat Chakra Crystals

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    Throat Chakra Crystals - Benefits and Meanings

    The Throat Chakra is located at the center of the neck, where it connects the head to the rest of the body. This energy center focuses on self-expression and communication. When this is in balance, you feel free to show who you are, to get your message across whether verbally or otherwise, and to have two-way conversation with the etheric realm.Read More...less...

    It manifests as a congruence between what you feel and what you do and say. 

    A misaligned Throat Chakra would mean having difficulties expressing yourself properly or listening to others as they express themselves. The powerful voice within us is either silenced or used in a way that destroys others and ourselves. 

    If you feel like you have these issues, these are the crystals for Throat Chakra balancing that could get set them right.

    Amazonite helps us understand the impact our words have on the world around us. With this awareness, we become more careful with what we say and make an active effort to create positive change through our voice.

    Sodalite is a stone that aligns our principles with our actions and words. It helps us live our truth so the message we send makes sense to ourselves and others. Seeing our authenticity encourages people to sit up and listen to what we have to say. Those who are afraid to speak up in class or in work meetings, and who have difficulty in public speaking would most benefit from this stone. 

    Blue Sandstone hones our communication skills to the point that we can effectively lead others. It encourages ruminating deeply on our message to ensure its positive impact. As we strengthen it, we strengthen our belief in it, making us more effective at communicating it to others. It becomes easy for others to understand the point we are trying to get across, and inspire the call to action we want from them.

    Labradorite is best for those who want to achieve spiritual communication. Through this, we are able to attain peace and understanding of the world around us, leading to a serene calm even in the face of the storm. It helps us acquaint ourselves with our past lives to see our selves in our entirety through the ages. With this power, we are able to know who are and express it in healthy and beautiful ways.

    Lapis Lazuli enables us to see the truth that we might find difficult to bear. It helps us see how we may contribute to strife with others, and encourages us to set it right. This awareness of our faults may be painful, but it brings with it a higher sense of self-acceptance and accountability. We are able to express grief at hurt we have caused others so it does not fester within. By backing up our words with concrete actions, we repair the relationship and end up stronger than before.

    Turquoise is the stone to help us speak up about the innate wisdom we hold. Many of us feel that we do not have anything important to say, and yet there is so much benefit to sharing ideas. This crystal for Throat Chakra balancing gives us the courage to speak up and support us for any consequences that come after.