Our Story

Hello, I'm Nancy the Owner of Soul Charms. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your support. Each design is personally selected and curated by me. Every piece showcases a side of my personality: fun, casual, whimsical and playful, trendy, spiritual, minimalist, and more!
I believe jewelry is a great way for a woman to express herself, be playful, and show off her mood for the day. Like the moon, us women, have many phases we go through. We can be an introvert by nature but every so often our wild, playful, social, fun, or spiritual side comes out and vice versa. Jewelry allows us to express the different aspects of our personalities depending on the challenges we're going through in life or the environment we are in. Jewelry is a fun and creative way a woman can express her journey of self-discovery. Nothing is off limits as long as it makes us feel beautiful.
Soul Charms was created out of my personal frustration to find a jewelry store that offered exceptional quality AND a great price-point. Every piece is beautiful, meaningful, designed with purpose, fashionable and trendy, great quality, and at prices that will fit every girl's budget. I believe jewelry should be an everyday item; and hence, the prices of each piece allows you to expand your personal jewelry collection without cringing at the price.
After having a baby, I left my traveling corporate job to take care of my family, and started selling online via Soul Charms. Since inception, this business has grown to more than just me. We now employ several other women who work along side with me in procuring, packaging, marketing, customer service, and product designing.
This little project that started out in a small spare bedroom, now takes up much more space and has become so much more purposeful to me and my family. It's not just a business, it's about sparking joy in as many people as I can reach, bringing inspiration and positivity to those who need it most, empowering people to take the lead in their own spiritual journey, and last but certainly not least, as an avenue to spread awareness and give back to charities that do so much good for helpless children and women in impoverish communities. 

--- Soul Charms Cares ---

Beyond our love of crystals and jewelry, we are a team of women and moms driven by radical hope and strong sense of duty to help break the cycle of human trafficking and slavery that is still occurring in the 21st century! Every human being deserves the right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness but not everyone gets that opportunity. 

That's why it is our purpose to drive awareness to the fact that more people are enslaved today than any other time in history. An estimated 5.4 out of every 1,000 people are enslaved in the world, and it is happening in every country, including America. There is an estimated 40.3 million people enslaved right now. The business of selling humans for sex and forced labor generates approximately $150 billion annually. The victims of trafficking includes 71% women, 29% men, and 25% children.

We strive to provide quality products always at a reasonable price point in hopes of driving more awareness towards these charities that help victims of human trafficking. Each month, a portion of our sales are donated to these charities

Thank you for your support and I wish you well on your spiritual journey. Namaste!

~Nancy, Owner & Designer of Soul Charms