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Our Story

Hi! My name’s Christina, thanks for stopping by. If you are looking for the story of how Soul Charms began, then look no further. It all started on a trip with my husband 3 years ago. We were backpacking through the mountainous terrain of the Southeastern region of the Himalayas and stopped in a local village to rest. I was instantly awestruck by the people there- they were living in terrible conditions; their houses were filled with cracks, their clothes were torn and dirty, and they didn’t have any electricity or running water, yet their spirits were among the highest I had ever seen. Enchanted, my husband and I decided to walk into the village marketplace. When we arrived, I couldn't believe my eyes- the most beautiful handmade crafts I had ever seen laid before me in a wonderfully vibrant marketplace. I became completely overwhelmed, and experienced what some people refer to as a “spiritual awakening”. Between the beautiful items and the energy of the people surrounding me, for the first time in my life I felt like I was completely home. I knew I had to capture that moment; to preserve it; to not let it go to waste; to bring it back home with me and share it with everyone I knew, so I bought as many gifts as I could and wrapped them up in my old hiking blanket. To my surprise, when I arrived back home, my friends and family begged to purchase the items from me. With a little persuasion, I obliged, and before I knew it, the items had completely sold out. It was then that I realized I had stumbled upon something very special.

I knew at that moment I had a responsibility to share what I came across with the world, the part of the world that didn’t even know this culture existed. So I thought about how to turn my vision into a reality, and with the help of my tech-savvy husband, set up an online store dedicated to selling culturally enriched handmade Himalayan items. More than 2 years later, I am starting to realize that this isn’t just a business venture- it's about spreading something amazing to every part of the world; about bringing positivity to those who need it most; about empowering people to take the lead in their own spiritual journey.

Thank you for being a part of my spiritual journey. Namaste!

~Christina Briggs, Founder of Soul Charms