Soul Charms Cares

We are a team of women and moms driven by radical hope and strong sense of duty to help break the cycle of human trafficking and slavery that is still occurring in the 21st century! Every human being deserves the right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness but not everyone gets that opportunity. 

Our purpose is to drive awareness to the fact that more people are enslaved today than any other time in history. An estimated 5.4 out of every 1,000 people are enslaved in the world, and it is happening in every country, including America. There is an estimated 40.3 million people enslaved right now. The business of selling humans for sex and forced labor generates approximately $150 billion annually. The victims of trafficking includes 71% women, 29% men, and 25% children.

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We donate monthly a portion of sales towards these charities that help victims of human trafficking:

A21 currently has 19 locations in 14 countries since 2008. They exist to abolish modern-day slavery through their programs of Reach, Rescue, and Restore. Their mission is to reach those who are vulnerable, rescue those who are exploited for sex and/or labor, and restore those victims and break the cycle so they do not fall back into the vicious cycle of re-victimization.

Learn more about A21 here


Children of Vietnam initiatives includes increasing opportunities for disabled children, delivering clean water and sanitation to impoverished communities in rural Vietnam, providing nutrition for poor families and children, providing the resources to help educate children as a means for them to break the generational cycle of poverty, and empowering single mothers with business training and livelihood support so that they do not fall back into the cycle of trafficking. 

Learn more about Children of Vietnam here

StreetLight USA is an established non-profit since 2009 and is on a mission to help young, underage girls transition from trauma to triumph and recover from the inhumane abuse of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Since their inception, they have served over 1300 girls.

Learn more about StreetLight USA here


Phoenix Dream Center is on a mission to stop human trafficking, ending childhood hunger, and educating the victims of such abuse to become tomorrow’s leaders. As of 2022, they have rescued 3,122 girls and young women from human trafficking, donated 6,342,788 meals provided to end childhood hunger, and have served 6,221 at-risk youth in life recovery. 

 Learn more about Phoenix Dream Center here