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    Root Chakra Crystals - Benefits and Meanings

    The Root Chakra is the first chakra. Its location at the base of the spinal chord belies its position as the base chakra on which the energy system and our life’s foundation is based. With a balanced Root Chakra, you feel safe and stable. Imagine being wrapped up in a blanket with a cheerful fire while the wind and snow battle it out outside—that is how you feel when your Root Chakra has a constant flow of energy.more...less...

    Your basic needs for food, sleep, and protection from the elements are met. The physical aspects of who you are is intact. With a balanced Root Chakra, you meet your immediate needs for survival. The Root Chakra represents our grounding to the world around us, and the energy we derive and share to our physical surroundings. It is intimately associated with our need for self-preservation and security.

    On the other hand, am imbalanced Root Chakra can manifest as a fear of not having enough. So yes, those feelings of insecurity from seeing that influencer’s post on her vacation to India could emanate from a blocked Root Chakra. We may feel feel insecure about how much we have, and it shows up as greed for more, or anger towards the world for not giving us what we need, or debilitating paranoia that someone is out to get us. A blocked Root Chakra might mean fear for one’s safety, healthy, or job situation. Eating disorders are also a common result from this imbalance.

    To remove blockages of this chakra and realigning it so energy flows freely once more, we can use several healing crystals. The best crystals for Root Chakra balancing are:

    Hematite is a great crystal to use in meditation because it helps ground us to the present. What it does is repel the negative energy blocking your Root Chakra, and allows a smooth and calm flow. Stressed about that project at work? Worried about that blind date tonight? Feeling sluggish to get out of bed and do something fun? Pick up hematite and perk yourself back up.

    Indian agate is known as the “stone of eternity” because it helps dispel fear about growing older. We may be worried about our physical health and our outside appearance, but this crystal helps us age gracefully. 

    Dragon’s blood jasper boosts one’s personal power and energy. With this, we are better able to fight for survival—whether it’s standing up to bullies at the office who are making our work life hell, or pushing ourselves to exercise and eat healthy. 

    Black agate is a powerful healing stone. If you are recovering from an incident where your feelings of safety and security was violated, this gets you well on the way to the road to recovery. 

    Lava stone helps restore your connection to Gaia, or Mother Earth. If you feel overwhelmed by the worries in your life, this helps keep you grounded. It reminds you that there is nature and beauty in the physical world, and not just strife and struggle.

    Mookaite jasper stimulates and activates the Root Chakra, manifesting as a surge in physical power and kinesthetic senses. It is a good stone to help motivate you to take care of your body through exercise and healthy food, helping you build up stamina and endurance for tasks you need to do.

    Smokey quartz is a good stone for those who let themselves go. If you feel unable to get out of bed and fulfill your basic needs, allow this stone to rev you up and starting taking care of yourself. 

    Kambaba jasper balances the Root Chakra by energizing the physical aspect of a person. Difficulty getting yourself to use your gym membership? This crystal’s got you covered.