Heart Chakra Crystals

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    Heart Chakra Crystals - Benefits and Meanings

    The Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest. It is the energy center for love, kindness, and forgiveness towards oneself and others. If this chakra is aligned, you feel connected to yourself and the beautiful world around you, enjoy harmonious relationships, and a fulfilling social life with those who accept you for who you truly are. more...less...


    At its core, misalignment in the Heart Chakra is not fully loving who you are. With this troubled relationship with the self comes troubled relationships with others. It may manifest in a variety of ways: as social withdrawal, caring too much what others think, playing the victim or having a messiah complex, or holding on to grudges and angry thoughts towards others.

    A blocked Heart Chakra is a difficult load to bear. Fortunately, there are healing crystals for Heart Chakra balancing that can help you get back on track.

    Green Aventurine helps you understand the worries and fears that block your Heart Chakra energy. Through this deeper understanding, you are able to let go of toxic mindsets that harm your relationship with yourself and others.

    Bloodstone is a great healing crystal for the Heart Chakra because it helps alleviate the pain of abandonment and abuse suffered at the hands of others. Meditation with this stone reminds you of your inherent worth as a person, your strength and abilities. By focusing on these and improving on weaknesses, you will be able to find those who appreciate you for your authentic self.

    Cherry Quartz revitalizes the spirit after trauma. It is especially beneficial to those who have been betrayed or abandoned because they are able to hope once more for better things to come.

    Malachite is helpful for those whose fear of rejection keeps them from making connections with others. It also helps one understand the weight that actions and words have on others, inspiring empathy and understanding—a surefire way to make friends.

    Ocean Jasper soothes and heals unresolved emotions from past trauma that underlie feelings of inadequacy and self-hate. It encourages patience in the process of working past these issues, encouraging compassion towards yourself and others.

    Rose Quartz is often used to aid in romantic love. It encourages emotional and physical intimacy between two people.

    Unakite helps release pent-up feelings of anger, fear, and resentment and the self-destructive habits that emanate from them. Letting go allows the formation of healthier relationships with others.

    Rhodonite gives us the wisdom to let of past hurts and forgive those who have done us wrong. We start to understand that holding grudges serves only to hurt us. It empowers us to learn, forgive, and move on to happier experiences.

    Zoisite fosters our connection with the Divine, and through it, open ourselves to the beauty of everything and everyone around us. It heals the emotional body from negative energy and encourages service towards others.

    Green jade heals the pain of those mocked for being different. It helps us see past the mud hurled at us, towards the beauty of our uniqueness. By embracing our true selves, we open up opportunities to connect with like-minded people who appreciate us for who we are.