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    Crown Chakra Crystals - Benefits and Meanings

    The Crown Chakra is found at the center of the top of the head. It is the energy center that allows for higher consciousness, the pinnacle of self-actualization. When your Crown Chakra is balanced, you feel a contented bliss.Read More...less...

    You understand the paradox that we live in everyday—that to be spiritual starts with appreciating the physical, that true wisdom is attained by accepting you know nothing, and that it is only by recognizing your limitations that you can achieve your full potential—and instead of railing against it, embrace and accept it. In short, you achieve peace.

    On the other hand, an imbalanced Crown Chakra would mean a disconnect between the body and the spirit. Either you focus too much on the worldly that you neglect the needs of your soul, or you become so engrossed in the spiritual that you neglect the beauty of the world around you. You cannot achieve enlightenment without balancing both.

    Luckily enough, there are crystal for Crown Chakra balancing that can help solve this issue. 

    Opalite inspires a calm security, giving support to the emotional body in times of distress. It is a good stone for introspection, allowing you to acknowledge your past—even giving a glimpse of your previous lives. 

    Clear Quartz is a strong stimulant of the Crown Chakra. The clarity of this crystal reflects the clarity it will give our minds—the ability to attain true sight into how best we can connect with ourselves, others, and the world around us. It dissipates negativity and encourages positive thinking, allowing us to see the beauty in all things.

    Amethyst serves to smooth out the flow of energy to the Crown Chakra by improving neural signals. With this, you can make connections between events and ideas, attaining wisdom. If you are undergoing a turbulent time in your life, expect Amethyst to help you get back to what is important and see that these tribulations are a natural and, in retrospect, beautiful time in our life.

    White Jade is a great crystal for Crown Chakra balancing because of its ability to integrate the mind and the body. It inspires the manifestation of your thoughts and ideas into action in the physical realm. When this happens, you make positive change within the world, allowing the will of the Divine to reach others through you. By serving others, you attain higher consciousness.

    White Turquoise purifies the spirit in preparation for commune with higher beings. Taking time to meditate with this stone in a quiet and tranquil area allows for visions and strengthened psychic abilities to help you understand where your life is going. It builds wisdom through reflection and nourishment of the spirit.

    Zebra Jasper allows the release of excess and pent-up energy from Crown Chakra blockages. It helps link the energy of earth to that of the heavens, directing the flow in a way that corrects the imbalance. It refreshes the mind, invigorating the senses and allowing us to experience the world positively.