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Removing Negativity Stackable Crystal Bracelet Set

Our Removing Negativity Stackable Crystal Bracelet Set is handmade and the perfect set of dainty minimalist bracelets that is fashionable and with a purpose. The energy of each crystal grounds the mind, body, and spirit. These crystals will help you control your mind and emotions to come out of any turbulent times without losing your footing. 

Removing Negativity Crystal Meanings

This Removing Negativity Crystal Bracelet Set comes with 3 types of beads:

Black Obsidian - The spiritual meaning of Black Obsidian is associated with cleansing your aura of negative smog and acts as a strong psychic protection. Controlling your psychic activities leads to protection of your soul. The Black Obsidian benefits you mentally in terms of releasing your anger, fear, anxiety, illusions, lies, and negative bonds. Once you have let go of negative thoughts and energy, you will gain in positive energy of love and light. Wear Black Obsidian bracelet to shield your mood from being impacted by the negative energy of the people in your environment that you cannot avoid. 

Hematite - Hematite is one of the best stones for grounding and centering our energy. It stimulates the Root Chakra, giving us a solid foundation during times when we waver. Hematite has long been used as a stone of protection from stress, ill intentions, and negative energy. This steel-gray stone helps us deal with situations with a calm heart and a clear head. We all have those days when nothing seems to go our way. Having Hematite around will anchor you to Mother Earth so you can feel centered, supported and secure. Hematite will teach you to be in control of your mind and emotions so that you can move through unsettling situations with grace, poise, and ease. 

Spiderweb Jasper Spiderweb Jasper is a stunning black and white stone that looks like a spider spun its web all over it. Spiderweb Jasper speaks to the interconnectedness of universal energies. It supports awareness of universal intelligence and how it integrates the web of life. Spiderweb Jasper is primarily associated with the Root Chakra and has healing properties that brings grounding, comfort, and tranquility. Aside from its rejuvenating properties, the stone also gives you plenty of protective energies, driving you away from evil, negativity, and bad vibrations. Spiderweb Jasper can also be used to stabilize one's aura and bring forth the energy of kindness and compassion.

Product Specifications:

Each beaded bracelet is made by first polishing gemstone beads to a shine, attaching them to a durable elastic cord, then bathing the bracelet set in sage smoke and the healing vibrations of the quartz crystal singing bowls before shipment. This crystal beaded bracelet set will arrive already program with positive intentions for its new owner. 

  • Bracelet set includes 3 bracelets, 1 of each gemstone type: Black Obsidian, Hematite, Spiderweb Jasper
  • Genuine gemstone beads, 4mm in diameter
  • Bracelet comes in 3 sizes: 6.0 inches (for XSmall - Small wrists), 6.5 inches (fits most women), 7 inches (fits most men)
  • To determine your size, measure the circumference of your wrist and add 0.25 - 0.5 inches to pick your ideal bracelet size, not too loose nor too tight.
  • Bracelets are stretchable and very comfortable to wear daily 
  • Each bracelet is bathe in sage smoke and the healing vibrations of the quartz crystal singing bowls before shipment. 

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