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Creativity & Inspiration Stackable Crystal Bracelet Set

Our Creativity and Inspiration Crystal Bracelet Set is handmade and the perfect set of dainty minimalist bracelets that is fashionable and with a purpose.  The intention of each crystal aligns with enhancing ideas, inspiration, and creative solutions for your work and personal life. 

Creativity and Inspiration Crystal Meanings

This Creativity and Inspiration Crystal Bracelet Set comes with 3 types of beads:

Carnelian - Carnelian sparks a fire in us that ignites our dormant creativity. This stone is associated with the Sacral Chakra and is the energy center responsible for creativity. If you’re stuck on a project, have writer's block, or looking for inspiration, Carnelian has the ability to stimulate your inner creativity and talents, helping to progress all aspects of your life. You can use it to advance your career or discover new ways to express yourself.

Opalite - Opalite meaning lies in its benefits of allowing you to look within, be honest with yourself, and help release suppressed emotions. As a result, you will be able to freely express emotions and thoughts that may be festering in your mind and heart for a long time. When this happens, naturally you will notice ideas and creative thoughts pop in your mind seemingly from nowhere. Opalite also helps increase insight and intuition, which help set the stage for the freedom of creative thought and ideas to occur. 

Rainbow Fluorite - Fluorite helps clear away the debris cluttering our minds, allowing us to concentrate on what is important. Fluorite's meaning and benefits include giving the wearer the ability to organize thoughts, make wiser decisions, and create structure out of chaos. The name "Fluorite" is derived from the Latin word “fluo” which means “flux”. This is reflective of the crystal’s ability to allow an uninterrupted flow of information, ideas, and inspiration—making it excellent for those who want to learn a new skill, write a book, memorize a large amount of material for an exam, or come up with a new business concept. 

Product Specifications:

Each beaded bracelet is made by first polishing gemstone beads to a shine, attaching them to a durable elastic cord, then bathing the bracelet set in sage smoke and the healing vibrations of the clear quartz singing bowls before shipment. This crystal beaded bracelet set will arrive already program with positive intentions for its new owner. 

  • Bracelet set includes 3 bracelets, 1 of each gemstone type: Carnelian, Rainbow Fluorite, Opalite
  • Genuine gemstone beads, 4mm in diameter
  • Bracelet comes in 3 sizes: 6.0 inches (for XSmall - Small wrists), 6.5 inches (fits most women), 7 inches (fits most men)
  • To determine your size, measure the circumference of your wrist and add 0.25 - 0.5 inches to pick your ideal bracelet size, not too loose nor too tight.
  • Bracelets are stretchable and very comfortable to wear daily 
  • Each bracelet is bathe in sage smoke and the healing vibrations of the clear quartz singing bowls before shipment. 

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