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Attract Money Wealth Good Luck Crystal Bracelet

Our Attract Money Wealth Good Luck Crystal Bracelet is handmade and the perfect bracelet to wear to bolster your manifestation of wealth, abundance, success, and financial prosperity. Each crystal used in the making of this bracelet was carefully hand selected and made with the intentions to attract more money to those who wears it.

Each beaded bracelet is made by first polishing gemstone beads to a shine, attaching them to a durable elastic cord, then bathing it in sage smoke and the healing vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls before shipment. This crystal beaded bracelet will arrive already program with positive intentions for its new owner. 

  • Genuine gemstone beads, 8mm in diameter
  • Bracelet comes in 2 sizes: 6.5 inches in circumference (fits most women) and 7 inches in circumference (fits most men)
  • Bracelets are stretchable and very comfortable to wear daily 
  • Each Attract Money Bracelet is bathe in sage smoke and the healing vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls before shipment 
  • Attract Money Wealth Good Luck Crystal Meanings

    This Attract Money Wealth Good Luck Crystal Bracelet comes with 5 types of beads:

    Green Aventurine - Aventurine is said to benefit its owner in all areas of creativity and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity. In this way, Green Aventurine helps you create your own luck and teach you to find opportunity in every situation. Luck is a mindset and Green Aventurine will help you achieve that skill. It's no wonder why this stone is so popular amongst gamblers in games of chance. 

    Tiger's Eye - This stone is all about courage, integrity, and power. It is a stone of the mind and will help you gain mental strength, focus, and motivation to overcome your fear of failure, doubt, or uncertainty. Keep in mind that those who are wildly successful at their craft acted on their fear instead of letting their fear hinder them from doing the "hard" things. Wearing Tiger's Eye will give you the confidence needed to step out of the comfort zone, think outside of the box, and push right through self-limiting beliefs. Abundance is yours to conquer if you can master this mindset. 

    Pyrite - This stone's name comes from the Greek word for "fire", and just like fire, Pyrite will create a spark in you to remind you of your own worth. It encourages you to expect more from yourself knowing you are worthy of abundance of health, wealth, love, and happiness. Meditating with Pyrite will help shift your perspective; it will light up positive opportunities that are present in your life that you may not have noticed before. As the Pyrite gemstone resonates with both Earth and Fire energies, it is a perfect amalgam of stability and passion. Pyrite reflects masculine nature, which is marked by action, will, and persistence

    Citrine - If you want to stir your soul into taking tangible steps to achieve your dreams, but also looking for a stone that will sustain your motivation until your goals and wishes are realized, Citrine is the stone for you. Similarly, it’s called The Merchant’s Stone because it doesn’t only help increase wealth, but it also helps you maintain it. In your pursuit of money or success, inevitably there will be times you are overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions. Citrine, like the sunny rays of the Sun, emits a frequency that connects you to Love and Light, sending you uplifting vibrations of joy and happiness

    Copper - Ancient cultures around the world have recognized Copper as a healing mineral.  Metaphysically, Copper can stimulate and amplify the flow of energy and assist in channeling information from higher dimensional beings. A Copper bead is added to this bracelet with the intention to amplify your thoughts (which is a form of energy) of financial abundance, broadcast that energy into the Universe, and pull in energies from higher realms into your physical world.  

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