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    Crystals for Luck and Abundance

    A crystal that attracts wealth and vibrates with the energy of prosperity may just be what you need to transform your finances. Manifesting with the best stones for success will help you become more receptive to various opportunities for growing your wealth.Read More...less...

    The right crystal will push you to become more confident and assertive when it comes to accepting deals and projects and going after the kind of life you want. Truly, harnessing these crystals luck and abundance power can open up lots of doors for you. 

    Here are the best crystals for attracting success, money, and luck.

    Green Aventurine is one of the best crystals for luck and success. As a premier stone for attracting abundance and good fortune, this crystal is popularly kept in cash boxes or near cash registers. This promotes the inflow of money and helps businesses thrive.

    What’s more, Green Aventurine is known as a stone of personal growth. Its soothing energy helps you work through unresolved emotional issues. This, in turn, sparks opportunities for you to learn more about yourself and your abilities. Eventually, this personal growth can help you lead a more successful and abundant life.

    Green jade is believed to bring in good luck, harmony, and peace. It’s no surprise why people in the Far East are so drawn to its ability to bring good fortune. If you want a stone that will support you in achieving your goals—whether financial, career, or growth—Green Jade is an excellent choice. It will assist you in breaking through whatever limitations are holding you back from attaining success. Meditating with it will also make your ambitions manifest in reality.

    Carnelian is a quartz crystal that typically comes in red-orange, pink, and brownish shades. It is a stone of ambition, determination, and drive. Furthermore, Carnelian is especially beneficial for women who lead a very busy and stressful life. The stabilizing energy of this magnificent crystal will keep you functioning at a high energy level in spite of all the chaos that surrounds you.

    This is why Carnelian bracelets are so popular among busy career women, working moms, breadwinners, and other ladies that lead a similar lifestyle. Its unique, beautiful color makes it very appealing as an everyday jewelry piece, too.

    Citrine is arguably one of the most powerful crystals for wealth. It is known to attract money and fortune, which is why it’s also called the “merchant’s stone of wealth.” It helps bring in cash flow to a business by attracting prosperous deals and partnerships. It also promotes career success.

    Citrine magnifies your willpower and helps you make wise financial decisions. If you want to spend your money more wisely, this crystal can help you do that.

    Clear quartz is known to amplify the energies and effects of other crystals. It is known as the “master healer” for its ability to neutralize negative energy, harmonize the chakras, and align the subtle bodies.

    When used during meditation, Clear Quartz helps enhance your manifestation powers. As such, it can be a great tool for manifesting abundance. Also, when used with any of the other crystals on this list, Clear Quartz can greatly enhance their wealth-attracting effects.

    Tiger’s eye is one of the best stones for money luck. Its powerful energy is grounding and protective while also being good at attracting abundance. This crystal widens your perspective and helps you see into the future. And when you never fail to think long-term, success becomes more likely.

    Tiger’s eye also aids in making sound financial decisions. We recommend charging your wallet with this stone to attract wealth.

    Mookaite Jasper can boost your personal power and willpower. As a result, this crystal aids in making big decisions. Mookaite Jasper is also an excellent energizer that pushes you to take control of your destiny. It helps ingrain the belief that no dream is too big and no goal is too grand. As such, it’s a great companion stone for CEOs, business owners, managers, and other enterprising folks. 

    Picture Jasper encourages initiative, inspires confidence, and promotes creative vision. This makes it a wonderful ally when you’re starting or rebranding a business. Carrying it with you as you go about your day will help you reap its benefits even more.

    Picture Jasper enhances vitality and attracts abundance. This is why it’s a highly-recommended stone in Feng Shui for attracting wealth into a household, where it is best placed in the Prosperity and Abundance area.

    Red Aventurine is often used in prosperity bags and spells for good fortune because of its ability to manifest ambitions and goals more quickly. This red crystal leverages the elements of fire and earth to improve the flow of life force within you. As a result, your perseverance is amplified, and you become more determined to conquer whatever life throws at you. Because this stone also helps in getting more things done, you will have a greater chance of manifesting abundance and success into your life.

    Sodalite is one of the most sought after crystals for abundance of money because it helps all types of people succeed in their respective fields. If you are involved in high-level business decisions, the Sodalite stone helps promote success in your endeavors by promoting camaraderie. It ensures that you and the people you are working with trust each other and are aligned with the same goals, purpose, and vision.

    If you work in any other field, having the Sodalite in your rotation will give your efficiency and productivity a boost. Ultimately, this gives you a higher chance of becoming successful in your career.