Tumbled Stones

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    Crystal tumbled stones have always been popular for healing, balancing, and manifestation. Their unique and interesting shapes, unmistakable smoothness, and calming effects have been highly sought not only for healing purposes but for decoration, as well. more...less...

    Tumbled stones work extremely well both alone and in conjunction with other crystals. You can use tumbled stones on their own to enhance your own spiritual energy and manifest your intentions. But you can use them to amplify, supplement, and cleanse the energies of other crystals.

    Tumbled stones can also be used as a valuable addition to the crystal configuration that you currently have in your home. On top of that, their smallness makes them perfect as pocket crystals to carry with you as you go about your day.

    Using crystal tumbled stones
    Meditating using tumbled stones is a known way to energize the mind and balance the body and spirit. If your focus is on manifesting a specific intention, however, you may opt to construct a crystal grid using the appropriate tumbled stones. Know that spending some time alone with your tumbled stone of choice will result in a stronger connection between its energies and yours. This connection will give you a deeper understanding of its properties and powers, and this will help you to utilize the crystal to the absolute fullest.

    Using tumbled stones for chakra healing is also possible. Whenever you feel energy blockages or a misalignment in your aura, tumbled stones serve as a great tool for harmonizing and balancing everything that needs to be balanced. 

    Lastly, sleeping with a healing tumbled stone under your pillow will strengthen your connection with it even more. The stone will also cast its healing energies upon you as you sleep. You’re more likely to wake up refreshed, energized, and filled with purpose if you religiously subscribe to this practice.

    Choosing among different tumbled stones
    Each tumbled stone possesses its own unique metaphysical properties and healing energies. Sometimes, you’ll find that choosing a specific type of crystal is quite effortless. There are instances when you’ll find yourself inevitably drawn to certain crystals, and this simply means that it contains the type of emotional, spiritual, and physical support that you need.

    In other instances, however, you have to make a conscious choice and really seek the right type of crystal tumbled stone for you. Soul Charms NYC offers an array of Himalayan-sourced tumbled stones that suit a variety of needs. So whatever intention, end result, or healing property you’re after, you’ll definitely find it here.

    Our Amethyst Tumbled Stone is a popular choice for those who want to enhance their intuition, protect themselves against psychic attacks, and increase their psychic powers and spirituality in general. Meanwhile, the Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone is a powerful ally in overcoming depression and bringing out your inner confidence.

    Another popular choice is the White Jade Tumbled Stone, which is effective at guarding against illnesses and releasing negative thoughts. The Carnelian Tumbled Stone, on the other hand, attracts good luck, prosperity, and resources. 

    There are many more crystals in Soul Charms NYC’s lineup of tumbled stones, and we invite you to explore them all. Whether you want to buy crystal tumbled stones wholesale or in small batches, this is the place for you.