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    Joy & Happiness

    Learning to take control of your environment, energy, and perspective is one of the key ingredients to long-term happiness. And as you probably know, you can use crystals for joy and happiness to check off these key components one by one.Read More...less...

    Oftentimes, we are too consumed with frustration, anger, and resentment—even though we all know that these emotions are useless. Nonetheless, we tend to punish ourselves by letting these negative feelings get the best of us.

    The metaphysical properties and healing powers of these special stones can shift the energy around you and influence your disposition. With them, you become more open to receiving happiness in your life. If you’re seeking joy, finding the perfect stone for gratitude or a crystal for laughter will truly make a difference. 

    Crystals for Joy and Happiness

    Amazonite heals trauma and soothes the mind. It helps banish feelings of fear, worry, and anger that may be eating up your mind. This stone also inspires positive action and regulates aggressive tendencies, which results in a happier and more positive disposition.

    Bloodstone boosts your energy levels and assists the body during physical activities. Thus, if you feel down or lethargic for whatever reason, this stone can give you the boost you need to get out of that slump. When you incorporate the use of Bloodstone in your routine, it will help you last longer in exercise—which means you’ll be able to get your much-needed dose of endorphins (aka the happy hormone) more frequently.

    Grey Jasper might look monotonous with its neutral color story, but its metaphysical properties are the exact opposite. In spite of having a grey color palette, it is actually a creative stone. Using Grey Jasper in Reiki and energy healing sessions brings joy and sparks a new zest for life. It brings inner peace and a sense of calm, which makes room for joy and bliss in your headspace.

    Red Jasper may be a stone of protection at its core, but it also encourages users to look inward and feel “whole.” It increases feelings of contentment and satisfaction with oneself. But at the same time, Red Jasper also inspires you to pursue your purpose and strive to work towards the manifestation of your goals. In the end, this stone is good for self-actualization, an important component of a happy and fulfilling life.

    Amethyst is the main stone of divinity. It restores balance when anxiety and sadness overwhelms you. The Amethyst bestows self-confidence, self-awareness, and peace unto its bearer, and this banishes feelings of mental unrest and promotes joy.

    Citrine is a cheerful crystal. And unlike Grey Jasper, its beaming yellow-orange color clearly communicates that. Citrine uplifts your energy field by bringing in the sun’s radiance. It inspires carefree and confident feelings while feeding motivation and cultivating a strong sense of vitality within you. As a prime crystal for happiness and positivity, Citrine can also attract favorable outcomes in your life. 

    Yellow Jade is a potent healing tool. It contributes to emotional calm, physical wellbeing, and clarity of mind. Using a Yellow Jade stone in meditation or wearing it as jewelry will help make you more patient, open-minded, and carefree. By doing so, the stone lessens the likelihood of you being involved in conflicts or harboring feelings of anger and annoyance.