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    Crystals for Purity, Rebirth, New Beginnings

    Are you looking for a fresh start? Having to face changes and transitions in life—whether big or small—can be intimidating. But we all know that change is necessary to keep moving forward. Without change, we risk becoming stagnant and stuck.Read More...less...

    As we manifest our goals and embrace a better life, embarking on new journeys is inevitable.Whether you’re simply dealing with a small change or starting a whole new chapter of your life, crystals can be your guide as you move toward a new direction. These crystals for purity, rebirth, new beginnings will help you embrace and trust the process of change. They can be an integral part of a solid support system and encourage you to start with a clean slate.

    That said, here are the best crystals for transition and change.

    Moonstone can serve as a light that guides you on your journey down new, untrodden paths. It can help you restructure your way of life no matter how big or small of a transformation you’re planning to achieve. It is a crystal that gives you what you need, but not necessarily what you think you want. This is why we highly recommend the moonstone crystal for new beginnings. 

    Dragon Blood Jasper is an excellent stone for regaining your control in situations that may have gone out of hand. During new chapters and transitions, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling helpless. After all, you’re embarking on a journey that takes you to completely new places. Using a Dragon Blood Jasper stone for these situations will give back your sense of stability, and it may even assist in breaking old habits.

    Lapis Lazuli builds self-confidence and harmonizes the heart and mind. Whenever you feel lost anywhere in your journey, the Lapis Lazuli gives off a reassuring energy and silences your doubts and anxious thoughts. It brings inner power, intuition, and an adventurous spirit, which will ultimately help you embrace and evolve through new beginnings.

    Malachite is an excellent stone for change and rebirth. It helps you see right through your situation, which allows you to realistically see things for what they are. Change can be overwhelming for most of us, but the Malachite will never sugarcoat your situation. Instead, its honesty arms you with invaluable insight and awareness. As a result, you will gain the confidence needed to face unfamiliar situations head-on, knowing that you have a clear vision and understanding of the challenges that you are facing.

    Spiderweb Jasper is known for its unique black banded stripes, which resemble spider webs. This stone helps you attune your mind and body to the interconnectedness of universal energies. In the process, it gives you a better sense of the web of life, and how the changes, transitions, and rebirthing process you are going through will impact your life in the long run.

    Turquoise is one of the best crystals for new beginnings because it brings you peace of mind and emotional stability. Dealing with transitions can be rough, especially if you’re in the process of cutting out things that used to bring you comfort. The Turquoise crystal can serve as a rock (both literally and figuratively) that will help you go through these challenging times.

    Unakite Jasper can help you let go of the conditions and inhibitions that may be getting in the way of your personal growth. If you are seeking a major change but for some reason, you seem to remain stagnant, having the Unakite Jasper with you will help you get over the roadblocks that are holding you back. Additionally, this stone helps lift your spirits when you’re feeling down.