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    The water in our oceans, which is a generous host of all life, have marveled at the beauty and allure of the moon, even allowing it to be influenced by the phases of the moon. Moonstone, reflects the quiet strength and wisdom of this celestial body. When we allow this pearl-like crystal to work in our lives, we experience calmness, inspiration, and heightened intuition in how we see and understand life. Moonstone connects you with Divine Feminine Energy, helping you accept yourself, express the inner you that is dormant, and inspire you to become the best version of yourself despite the obstacles and emotional wounds of the past. Moonstone influences the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. This iridescent white crystal represents peace, wisdom, personal identification with the Infinite, and oneness with God. Moonstone's energy builds up our intuition and gives us guidance to help us navigate life's mysteries.

    Moonstone is all about encouraging you to love your soul and live your life purpose. When we are able to love ourselves unconditionally and accept our true destiny, we allow for new, beneficial, and harmonious relationships to come into our lives that actually further ushers us towards our true purpose. You will no longer experience self-sabotage and will show up as your best self in these new positive relationships. Moonstone supports the Crown Chakra and will open you up to receive guidance from all around. This will not only bring you closer to your life purpose, it will also illuminate your understanding of why certain relationships are in your life.

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