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    You’ve heard crystal healing experts recommend them time and again, but crystal stone malas really deserve all the attention they’re getting. 

    More than just beautiful adornment, crystal malas are powerful tools for meditation and manifesting your intentions. You may hold a mala in your hand as you meditate, but you can also wear it around your neck as an accessory. Either way, you’ll be in a prime position to harness the potent energies and powers of the crystals used in your mala.more...less...

    Traditionally, wooden mala beads are used for prayer and meditation. It is made using a bigger guru bead and 108 smaller crystal beads. 

    Why do crystal malas contain 108 beads?
    The significance of the number 108 in crystal stone malas is supported by many reasons and theories, but crystal malas contain 108 beads mainly because it represents the 108 stages of the human soul. What’s more, the number 108 is considered sacred in Hinduism. There are also 108 converging energy lines that form the heart chakra, and the 108 mala beads help attune your chakras with the energy of the crystals you’re using.

    Another belief is that the number 108 represented the wholeness of existence. And, according to yogic tradition, the human body is home to 108 sacred places.

    Using crystal stone malas
    Many people like to wear a 108 mala necklace because it serves as a constant reminder of their intentions. If you have your crystal mala with you as you go about your day, seeing it will push you to be mindful of your thoughts, actions, and feelings.

    As a result, you’re more likely to pursue deeds that will help in the manifestation of your intentions. In short, wearing crystal bead malas will not only let you enjoy the healing powers and sacred meaning of crystals, but it will also help you live a more thoughtful and purposeful life.

    Still, the amazing power of healing crystal malas is best harnessed through meditation. A mala also helps you retain your focus while meditating by acting as an anchor. This is especially helpful if you find it hard to sit still for long periods.

    To meditate with a crystal stone mala, hold it in your right hand with the guru bead in between your thumb and middle finger. Recite your mantra and repeat for all 108 beads—pulling the string towards you with each repetition.

    You may end your meditation once you’ve reached the guru bead again. But if you want to go and meditate longer, simply reverse your direction and begin once more. Do not pass over the guru bead.

    Which type of crystal stone mala is right for you?
    Different crystals will benefit you in different ways. While all our crystal stone malas have healing powers that are beneficial to your healing and manifestation journey, choosing a crystal that aligns well with your intentions is the key.

    For example, our Amazonite Tibetan wrist mala soothes the mind, heals trauma, and alleviates fear and worry. Black Agate crystal stone malas, meanwhile, is an excellent grounding stone. Another example is the Blue Sandstone mala, which helps enhance entrepreneurial and leadership skills.