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    Crystals for Health and Vitality

    We are all guilty of neglecting our health now and then. The good news is that it’s always a great time to turn things around and start prioritizing your health and wellness. However, we all know that sustaining the motivation needed to keep healthy habits can be challenging.Read More...less...

    Using crystals for health, wellness, and vitality might just be what you need on your journey to your healthiest, happiest self. Taking advantage of the metaphysical healing powers of these stones will not only attract good health and vitality. Setting your intention to take care of your emotional and physical wellbeing will help fine-tune your mental state. As a result, you can wake up every day with the motivation to stick to a healthier lifestyle.

    So, whether you need to eat better, quit unhealthy habits, or get more physically active, using the right crystals for physical and spiritual health will help create lasting change and steer your life toward a healthier direction. 

    Bamboo Jasper unearths one’s personal strength. This stone radiates wellness and reinforces fortitude. As such, it’s an amazing tool for overcoming addiction—whether that’s an addiction to unhealthy habits, bad food, compulsive behavior, or even excessive amounts of work. 

    Physically, Bamboo Jasper aids the gallbladder, liver, and stomach. It also balances the yin and yang energies for optimum wellbeing. 

    Cherry Quartz helps the immune system fight incoming colds, the flu, and all sorts of infections. If you suspect that your circulatory system is particularly vulnerable to future problems, this crystal will help by strengthening the heart and boosting blood circulation.

    The Cherry Quartz is an excellent power aid that supports your physical energy. That said, using this crystal will help you overcome physical exhaustion and combat lethargy. It will energize your mind and spirit and bring in much-needed vitality.

    Green Fluorite is the perfect crystal for encouraging and sustaining ideal physical health, emotional well-being, and intellect. It has the power to restructure and eliminate anything that is not aligned with the perfect order of things. It is also a highly-regarded immune system stimulator that boasts natural antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Meanwhile, the Multi-colored Fluorite or Rainbow Fluorite stimulates the regeneration of cells and DNA, especially in the respiratory tract and the skin. It is helpful at healing wounds and ulcers. Like the Green Fluorite, the Rainbow Fluorite also boosts the immune system.

    Kambaba Jasper soothes the nerves and calms the mind, which helps those who are starting to feel the physical symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety. Crystal healing lore also says that this stone promotes dietary stabilization and helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals better.

    Kambaba Jasper is widely used to encourage growth in plants because it is imbued with the green energy of Nature. It has the same effect on the human body, too—which is why it’s a recommended stone for physical growth and renewal.

    Smokey Quartz protects you from unwanted energy by transmuting negativity. It also releases old energy in the body that may be holding you back from achieving optimum health. This invites positive, healing energies to occupy the space that was once held stagnant by limiting forces—therefore uplifting your spirit, relieving tension and stress, and increasing vitality.

    The grounding ability of the Smokey Quartz also supports detoxification. It supports the digestive system and helps shield the body against the harmful effects of radiation and electromagnetic smog.

    White Zebra Jasper earns its spot as one of the best crystals for health and vitality through its ability to alleviate stress and banish harmful thoughts. The stone is also particularly good for the skin, bones, and teeth.