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Healing Crystal Kits

If you are looking towards crystal healing with a specific intention in mind, look no further than the crystal healing kits. These ready-made sets contain crystals that work together to manifest a particular goal. The combined healing power of these precious stones are greater than any individual stoneā€”and weā€™ve made it so buying a set is more economical than buying individual stones separately.Ā more...less...

We have carefully studied the feedback of our clients to find out which intentions are most common, and created 8 crystal healing kits to address these. We invite you to check our collection and choose those that are most relevant to you.

Balance and Harmony Crystal Healing Kit
Specially designed to help you move away from unhealthy extremes and stabilize turbulence that you may be experiencing in certain aspects of life, this crystal healing kit includes stones that smooth over disturbances and promote balance and peace within yourself.

Amethyst is known for its association to the tarot card of Temperance and its ability to curb appetites for the physically and emotionally unhealthy.

Blue sandstone connects the earthly to the spiritual, helping create a balance between the needs of the body and the needs of the soul.

Carnelian helps stabilize oneā€™s thoughts, words, and action. It balances the bodyā€™s energy levels and helps create calmness and peace within.

Agate harmonizes the yin and the yang and helps distribute energy between the physical, emotional and intellectual realms.

Tigerā€™s eye helps you make the necessary changes to create a more balanced life. It strengthens your will, helping you move past self-harming habits and build on more constructive ones.

Health and Vitality Crystal Healing Kit
If youā€™ve been feeling physically drained, encountering health issues, or feeling life youā€™ve lost your zest for life, this is the healing kit for you. These stones help revitalize you by facilitating the return of the energy you have lost.Ā 

Cherry quartz helps create a powerful surge in personal energy that will be felt by all those around you.

Green fluorite echoes the verdant growth of the forest and brings that energy to you. It helps bring forth spiritual, physical and mental renewal to a tired soul.

Multi-colored fluorite acts as a prism that takes a powerful source of energy and helps distribute it to the different aspects of your life. If you feel like youā€™re pouring all of you into one thing and neglecting all others, this will help you balance it out.

Smokey quartz helps you release pent-up issues that you are spending all your energy repressing. With release, you will feel lighter and your energy can now be used for more fruitful pursuits.

Zebra jasper helps uplift the spirit and lightens the mood. Revitalize yourself with this positive energy.

Love and Romance Crystal Healing Kit
If youā€™re feeling stuck in a dating rut, have been hurt by unhealthy relationships, or having difficulty with your significant other, you have to get this crystal healing kit. This powerful combination of stones will help create intimacy and strengthen emotional connection between two people.

Dalmatian jasper inspires the playfulness to interact with others. It breaks down walls you have built so that you can allow your inner light to shine throughā€”a sure way to attract others to you.

Lotus jasper helps bring peace and acceptance from the hurt you have experienced in the past. By releasing the anger and sadness, you can invite happiness and love in again.

Yellow lotus jasper builds self-confidence and a stronger sense of self. By being authentic to yourself, you attract those who appreciate you for who you truly are.

Rhodonite reminds us that every relationship takes work. It galvanizes us to make that effort to mend relationships, creating stronger ones in the process.

Rose quartz enhances love for othersā€”whether your romantic partner, yourself, family and friends, or other living creatures. It inspires gentleness and kindness, things that make love blossom.

Purity and Rebirth Crystal Healing Kit

If youā€™re trying to rebuild your life after a traumatic experience that shook your sense of self to the core, this is the crystal kit for you. These stones have been chosen for their ability to fortify one to rise up after being beaten down, and to emerge stronger than before.

Dragon blood jasper imbibes you with the fire of the mythical creature, helping you get past challenges that stand in your way.

Lapis lazuli helps enhance learning and mental acuity. It helps bring clarity to the trauma, helping you learn from the experience. With this comes wisdom and inner peace.

Malachite encourages growth through stepping out of comfort zone. It helps get rid of self-destructive mindsets and habits that keep one stuck in a rut.

Turquoise helps protect you from negative energy and harmful intentions. When you are trying to rebuild your life, those who destroyed it before might seek waylay progress. This stone stops that from happening.Ā 

Unakite reminds you to be patient, kind and gentle with yourself as you do the work to rebuild your life. Transition periods are difficult, and it will only be more so if we treat ourselves harshly.

Joy and Happiness Crystal Healing Kit
Feeling down in the dumps? Having recurring bouts of depression? This healing kit just might help you. These combination of precious stones dispel negative energy and radiate positive energy to help bring back happiness in your life.

Amazonite helps you let go of the thoughts that cloud the light within you. It releases toxic thoughts and emotions so you are free to shine once more.

Bloodstone provides emotional support to deal with issues that have been causing us pain. It gives strength to pass through challenging situations.

Grey jasper helps bring out a sense of peace within oneself, a quite and simply but deeply fulfilling joy at who you are and what you have become.

Peace jasper helps one come to terms with difficult moments in the past. It helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and gives you hope for a better tomorrow.

Red jasper stimulates the life force within, imbibing a strong sense of empowerment and reigniting our passion for life.

Strength and Courage Crystal Healing Kit
If you are preparing for a big change in your life and are feeling overcome with fear and trepidation for the unknown, we suggest you try this crystal healing kit. The stones included will help you through the process and manage emotions that might keep you from achieving success.

Black obsidian is a powerful stone of protection that helps dispel negative energy coming from outside and within ourselves.

Crazy lace agate encourages creativity when finding solutions. Knowing you come prepared and have the mental agility to handle problems that come along the way helps dispel harbored fears.

Hematite brings calmness and serenity in the face of difficulty. You feel panic dissipate, helping you make wiser decisions.

Mahogany obsidian helps boost your personal power to rise up to challenges. Increased willpower and a stronger sense of self will overcome worries about what is to come.

White opalite helps you see the good in any situation, instead of focusing on the negatives.

Luck and Abundance Crystal Healing Kit
Been a little down on your luck recently? Having difficulty coming up with resources for your needs? Hoping for a boost of good fortune to grace your career or business? Then we suggest you go for this crystal healing kit. These stones do not just give you luck, but spur you to action that will truly increase your chances of success.

Green aventurine is considered as one of the luckiest crystal, very helpful in manifesting prosperity and helping in games of chance.

Mookaite jasper helps heighten oneā€™s sense of intuition. It helps make instinctive decisions that lead to good fortune.

Red aventurine helps you take action. It amplifies determination and persistence to get things done, which helps those who are gunning for a promotion or growing their business.

Picture jasper boosts creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. With this, you will be able to see why you are having problems and how best to solve them.

Sodalite is a good stone to help communicating your message to others. Prosperity means getting people to trust you as the source of their needs, and this will help you connect with them.

Magic and Spirituality Crystal Healing Kit
If youā€™re looking to boost psychic powers, communicate with other worldly beings, or simply become more aligned with your spiritual side, this is the healing kit for you. The combined power of these stones make it easier to access realms beyond the physical.

Llanite helps amplify our mental and psychic abilities. It makes us more receptive to messages from higher planes.

Red tigerā€™s eye clarifies vision and balances etheric energy such that we better understand the psychic visions we receive in meditation.Ā Ā 

Crystal quartz is often used in telecommunications and information transfer. In the same way, it can help us send and receive messages from the divine.

Red sandstone shows oneā€™s direction and purpose. It is a stone of enlightenment that helps one see clearer the spiritual meaning behind all things.