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Crystal Wands

Crystal obelisks, towers, and wands have been indispensable healing tools since ancient times. Metaphysicians, shamans, and healers from hundreds of years past have harnessed the power of healing wands to facilitate emotional healing, chakra balancing, and spiritual growth.

To this day, the power of crystal wands remains undisputed. If you’re aching to take your crystal healing practice to the next level, diving into the world of healing wands is an obvious choice.
Crystal wands are excellent for protection, energy cleansing, and energy stimulation. They are prime tools for gathering and controlling energy. Their tips are useful for focusing and directing energy towards a specific area or body part. 
Harnessing The Power of Crystal Wands and Obelisks
Crystal wands are potent healing tools, but how exactly do you harness their power?
You can use crystal wands to create sacred spaces for spiritual work, healing sessions, and even day-to-day meditation. Healing wands are also useful in feng shui. You can use them in your home to clear the energy of the space and attract blessings.
Crystal wands are also helpful in scanning the chakras and aura to pinpoint and clear blockages. If you practice healing through bodywork, massage, or Reiki, you can also use crystal wands to amplify the effects of these methods.
Exploring Different Crystal Wands and Obelisks
Crystal wands are available in different types, shapes, and sizes. They can either be long or short, pointed or rounded, and smooth or faceted. Some crystal wands have both a tapered end and a wider end, while some wands are fairly-uniform in girth all throughout.
Selecting the right type of crystal wand is crucial to getting the best results. You may choose a crystal wand that was created to target a specific purpose or issue. Likewise, you may use a wand that’s made from a crystal or stone whose vibrational energies are in alignment with your intention.
Choosing according to shape
Regardless of its shape, any finely-tuned crystal wand will be able to deliver powerful healing and balancing properties. But if you intend to use your crystal for bodywork, that is when the shape of the wand becomes important.
If you intend to use the crystal wand for massaging the body, smooth wands with rounded tips will give you a soothing and cooling experience that will not cause discomfort. On the other hand, healing wands that are more pointed will be useful for trigger point release and reflexology. 
Choosing according to the crystal used
When choosing a healing wand, go for crystals that align well with your intention. Those with quartz crystals, such as the Blue Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Smokey Quartz Crystal Wands are excellent at amplifying and cleansing energies. Rose Quartz Crystal Wands have a nurturing and soothing energy, while Citrine attracts luck and money. An Amethyst crystal wand, on the other hand, is an excellent all-rounder for healing, balancing, and spirituality.
Now, it’s important to remember that these are just simple examples. if you look deeper into any of the abovementioned stones, you’ll discover that they actually offer many more uses and possess even deeper qualities. That said, we invite you to further explore our range of 100% genuine raw-cut crystal wands. The right one is just waiting for your discovery.