Crystal Skulls

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    Many find themselves drawn to the mystic and intriguing appearance of crystal skulls. The fact that crystal skulls are making their presence felt in our collective consciousness is undeniable. The energy they radiate and the signal they produce is getting stronger and stronger with each passing day.

    And it’s only fitting that we give crystal skulls the recognition they deserve. They are, after all, powerful healing and manifestation tools. Even ancient cultures had an awareness that carving skulls out of crystals increased their healing powers and elevated their consciousness. The natural healing properties that are inherent within various stones empower crystal skulls. These stones bestow their metaphysical properties upon crystal skulls, while the latter’s unique cranial shape serves as the key factor in promoting a heightened level of harmonic resonance. Our own cranium resonates with these crystal skulls. And in doing so, we smoothen the channel that transfers energy and transmits information between our minds and the crystal.
    Many healers also believe that carving human skulls out of various stones brings out the personality and accentuates the unique vibrations of these stones. In the process, crystals become even more accessible, and relating to them becomes easier than ever.
    You can program crystal skulls with your intentions and use it to heal yourself and others. They serve as a topnotch medium for higher energies and codes. Due to this very same reason, crystal skulls are also great at improving the quality and intensity of your personal meditation sessions.
    Plus, crystal skulls are also excellent gifts. You can give a loved one a crystal skull that’s carved out of a stone that will suit their current situation. 
    Lastly, crystal skulls are also an outstanding addition to your household. Not only will you benefit from its power, but its unique and magnetic appearance makes it an interesting piece of decor. It’s not difficult to imagine how a crystal skull can serve as a failsafe conversation starter in house parties and gatherings.
    Exploring Different Crystal Skulls
    Choosing a crystal skull is a matter of looking for a stone or crystal that resonates with your purpose. Many healers have a stash of various crystal skulls to choose from depending on what they need at a particular time. As you explore the world of crystal skulls, think: What do you want to achieve?
    White Opalite and White Turquoise crystal skulls are formidable protectors against negativity. Yellow Jade brings joy and soothes the mind. A crystal skull in either Red Sandstone, Leopard Skin Jasper, or Rhodonite will help you clear away wounds from past relationships. Llanite crystal skulls are great for businesses as it promotes sound decisions. And, as always, you can always go for an Amethyst crystal skull if you want a versatile stone for spiritual growth.
    Soul Charms offers both full-size crystal skulls and crystal skull necklaces. Full-size crystal skulls are superior healing tools for personal, professional, and home use, while crystal skull necklaces enable you to bring the coveted power and energies of crystals everywhere you go.