Crystal Hearts

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    Representing love and the heart of the universe, crystal hearts are the perfect meditative item that also clears your Heart Chakra. Because of its shape, it has the ability to heal the Chakra associated with it regardless of the color of the crystal it is made with.more...less...

    Many times, we get distracted and frustrated with all the things going on around us. It makes us unnecessarily stressed and anxious, so it’s calming to carry around an item whose very shape reminds us of the love of the universe. These crystal hearts are the prefect items to have if you ever feel worthless.  

    The shape of it amplifies positive energy as well as attract love of all forms into your homes. You can use crystal hearts for healing emotional wounds and heartbreak. It exudes a soft and comforting energy that will help you let go of the past.

    These crystal hearts can also improve your relationship with the people in your household. Whether it’s your family or significant other, crystal hearts can balance and improve relationships. It does so by encouraging love and forgiveness that can calm the energy between relationships. This is especially true for ones made out of Rose Quartz because this gemstone by itself already promotes compassion.

    Choosing ones made of bright red crystals like the Red Jasper can also improve one’s sex drive or soothe fiery emotions. If you’ve been abused in the past, this particular stone is best for overcoming trauma. A Red Sandstone crystal heart can calm emotions, which also helps improve your interaction with those around you. For those who want to better themselves, an Unakite crystal heart encourages us to be kinder. Despite all the different abilities of the crystals in this collection, all of them have traits that make us better people, creating an aura of peace and love.

    Aside from those relating to the Heart Chakra, there’s also the added benefit of the stone from which it was made. One can also clear their mind of distracting and unproductive thoughts with these crystal hearts. Certain gemstones also have the added ability to improve and expand one’s mind as it clears it. For instance, the deep color of the Blue Sandstone also enhances your leadership skills and the blues of the Sodalite encourages deep thought.

    Aside from emotional and spiritual healing, a crystal heart can improve blood circulation in the body. Focus on your intention and hold the stone close to your heart to reap the benefits of its healing. The concentrated energy from it also makes it great for crystal grids. The consistent sizes make it so that not one gemstone overpowers the others.

    These crystal hearts are carved in a portable size, so you can carry them in your pocket as you travel. A diverse collection full of different crystals is what this one is. This collection also offers a package containing all the different kinds for a wholesale price. You get a great deal by buying in bulk compared to buying individual crystal hearts!