Clusters & Raw Crystals

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    From the energy of the sun to the pull of the ocean, all things in the universe carry a life energy. These energies are concentrated and manifests themselves as crystals and gemstones. In the early civilizations, humans used them to communicate with gods and for healing. To this day, many still use these precious stones for various reasons.more...less...

    Every tumbled stone has a subtle vibration that soothes the soul and calms the nerves. They can bring love, mental clarity, intelligence, and even fortune. Though their meanings and abilities remain the same, there’s something about the energy about a raw uncut crystal that, for some, is unmatched by a polished one.

    This collection offers a set of assorted uncut crystals in a size that is easy to carry. All of them have unique properties, and one can benefit greatly by having a variety of them. This set includes the following stones.

    The fiery Agate is a stone that brings harmony and balance to one’s life. With its slower vibrations, it encourages introspection that can either soothe a person who wants peace or force action to those who need motivation. Similarly, the grounding Jasper stone also brings stability along with tranquility. Fluorite crystals stimulate the mind as it boosts aptitude and concentration. Some of the raw uncut crystals here are perfect for being fortune such as the Citrine and Aventurine. They attract wealth as well as character traits that set you up for success. Dark uncut Tourmaline and Obsidian are powerful protectors that neutralize negative and destructive energy from both within and around you. Pure and clean uncut Quartz crystals carry Divine healing abilities. Increase awareness of yourself and the forces around you with an Epidote crystal cluster that’s included in this set. Harness the power of solar energy with the Sunstone as it enhances your independence and leadership skills. Pair this with the Earth energy of the Pyrite to increase confidence in yourself. Lastly, the uncut Jade crystal can ease your mind for pleasant dreaming.

    Along with this set, the collection also contains mystical clusters like the Rainbow Aura Quartz crystal cluster, which has astral properties for projection. The different colors on them also make it a diverse stone that can unblock any of your chakras. Marvel at the beautiful and radiant color of a raw stone like the Amethyst crystal cluster, where you can clearly see the vibrant purple energy.

    This collection also has the highly sought out Fluorite set. You can recognize it for its beautifully cut crystal cubes. A variety of colorful raw uncut Fluorite cluster will expand your mind and organize scattered thoughts. The green shades encourage you to turn your thoughts into actions while the blue shades are for getting rid of excessive behaviors.

    For most, there is very little difference between a polished and raw stone, but choose the one that you feel more drawn to. The uncut Rose Quartz Crystal is the perfect match for those who are single and looking to manifest a loving relationship. It’s also an ideal stone for families as it manifests peace and love between family members. However, this crystal also encourages self-love and forgiveness. A lot of can definitely stand to be a little more nicer to ourselves! 

    Not only do these stones have extraordinary abilities, they also make gorgeous decorations that you can hang around your space or turn into accessories.