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    Crystal ball divination is a universally known way of taking a glimpse into the future. However, not many people truly realize the full extent of crystal ball meaning and uses. What exactly makes crystal balls an excellent tool for looking into the future? And are there other lesser-known ways to use their powers?

    Crystal Ball Meaning and Uses
    The round shape of a crystal gazing ball actually symbolizes wholeness, completion, and oneness. more...less...

    It is an ode to karma and serves as a tribute to all cyclical energies. Its spherical shape also enables it to send high-frequency energies and vibrations toward all directions, promoting harmony and positivity in the process. And because of its glass-like smoothness, it makes communicating with spirit guides easy and the movement of energy free-flowing.

    In crystal ball divination, energetic vibrations from the crystal sphere connect with your own energies—therefore giving you intuitive visions through the help of the third eye chakra. To use a crystal ball to gain insight into the future, you’ll need to find a quiet space. Breathe, clear your mind, and place your hands over the sphere. Study the crystal ball and appreciate its roundness. Close your eyes and focus until you’re not conscious of your surroundings. Once you have reached the right state, you’ll start to experience feelings and eventually, full-on visions. However, note that reaching the right state can sometimes take weeks or even months of practice.

    A crystal ball is also widely used to detect and heal leaks in the auric field. And because they bring healing vibrations, they are useful as comforters during stressful times. The positive energy radiated by a crystal orbuculum also neutralizes negative thoughts and feelings, which then lets you redirect your focus into the more positive aspects of your life.

    To add, crystal balls are incredibly useful in meditation. They are excellent when used as a focal point to help you get the most out of your sessions. You can even use them to physically heal your body. When you feel as if tension is eating you up, you can use a crystal ball to roll sore, tight, or blocked points in your body.

    In terms of Feng Shui, a crystal sphere will bring a tranquil and harmonizing energy into any room. Bringing a clear quartz crystal ball into a home or workspace that is troubled with arguments will soothe conflicts and calm chaos. 

    And, of course, you can use a crystal sphere to address specific concerns that may be alleviated through the power of crystals. For example, you can place a Sodalite crystal ball on your study table to help you become more creative while working on school or work projects.

    But before you can try to make the most out of a crystal gazing ball, first you must decide what material you want it to be. 

    Choosing Among Different Crystal Balls
    A real crystal ball will be carved out of a large crystal and polished to smooth perfection. As one example, Soul Charms NYC’s Rose Quartz Crystal Ball is a natural quartz sphere, and it is best placed in rooms that need a soothing and nurturing environment. 

    Take the time to read up on the different crystals that are used in crystal balls and decide from there. Whatever your concern may be, there’s definitely something that will resonate with your purpose and intention.