Crystal Angels

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    Though we may not see it, there are guardian angels all around us. Angels are loving and caring creatures that are able to guide and protect us in times of need. When we were children, they have taken an active role in protecting. As humans born with free will, angels would step back and let us make our own choices. However, they are always glad to help when you ask.more...less...

    You can call their assistance and guidance, and sometimes they would show themselves in subtle ways. Keep your eyes open and look out for their signs. Angels are very close to your spirit, so they know your deepest desires and fears. 

    However, those with strong light energy and pure souls can even hear or talk with them directly. Angels are made out of pure love and thus, communication is easier if one has spirituality and a pure soul. Crystals with them carry with powerful energies that can cleanse and purify the soul, making it easier for one to communicate to the Angelic Realm.

    At some point in our lives, we all experience a challenge that would make us question ourselves. At times, we may feel alone in our journey and find it hard to keep having faith that things will get better. During these times, we ought to turn to our guardian angel and with the energy specific to each crystal, we can reprogram our spirit with positive habits and self-empowerment to get us out of a rut. You can direct your intentions these crystals to amplify their abilities

    While all of them have beneficial qualities, certain crystals are better suited for some situations. For instance, a Black Obsidian is known for cutting negative ties, so it’s an ideal crystal angel for those who wish to break from their toxic and unhealthy relationships. Maybe you’re experience employment problems or financial issues, Tiger’s Eye and Aventurine crystal angels are best for bringing luck, opportunity, and focus to advance your career. If you’re on the journey of self-discover but your depression and anxiety keep getting in the way, an Amazonite crystal angel will help you find the truth in yourself without all your emotions getting in the way.

    Aside from helping you find your spirit guide, these crystal angel statues are helpful in meditation. A gemstone carved as an angel is more powerful than a small tumbled stone. They greatly help in tuning your frequencies and channeling your energy into spiritual healing. A crystal angel can also enhance your psychic and clairvoyant abilities, making it easier to connect to the realms beyond the physical. 

    You can carry several of these crystal angels in your bag if you’re having a particularly troublesome time. Having them nearby will reassure you of their presence. It’s a constant reminder that the universe is listening and working to manifest your thoughts and desires into reality. Don’t worry about finding the right one because the crystal that would best suit your needs will resonate within you. These angel statues also make wonderful gifts because you can assign your intentions to them and share the good vibes and positive energy with your friends.

    This collection offers an assortment of colors for your crystal angel. Ease your worries, calm your mind, and relieve stress with crystal angel figurines. Every figurine is delicately carved with authentic gemstones. Getting a complete set will create a protective aura around your household that dispels negative and harmful energy.