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    Healing Properties of Bloodstone Crystal Skulls

    Bloodstone is a dark-green crystal recognized for its bright red splatters. It is a crucial healing device for your spirits to return to its natural state of happiness and power. It is also a tool for restoring your body and mind. Popularly known as Heliotrope, it symbolizes justice, loyalty, and sacrifice. It also provides solace during difficult times.


    The gemstone is known as the Stone of Courage. In ancient times, warriors carry Bloodstone amulets to protect them from evil and stop the bleeding of their wounds. It is also thought to bring about a much-needed change. If you have been sucker-punched by life and want to turn things around, make the most of the healing properties of Bloodstone.    

    What are the healing properties of Bloodstone?
    Bloodstone is a powerful healing crystal that amplifies your creativeness and awareness. It drives negative environmental energy away to help you overcome stress. It also gives you the courage and knowledge to avoid dangerous situations. Moreover, it calms and revitalizes your mind to dispel confusion and help you make sound decisions. 

    The crystal is also an excellent blood cleanser. It purifies your blood and detoxifies your liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, and intestines. It also regulates your blood flow and aids in circulation. Moreover, it strengthens the lymphatic and immune systems to combat infections and inflammations. For these causes, numerous people use Bloodstone as a talisman. 

    What does bloodstone do spiritually?
    Bloodstone is a crystal of courage, wisdom, optimism, and honorable sacrifice. It encourages your will towards higher consciousness and helps bring your true spirituality into your everyday life. It also provides insights and the spiritual intuition of truths to help you understand. Moreover, the gemstone is a grounding and protecting crystal that keeps out negativity, dispels confusion, and intensifies your perception. 

    The crystal stimulates the root chakra to give you a sense of security and safety. So if you are feeling adrift spiritually, the bloodstone can guide your soul by helping you see the change and face it with more resilience and vigor. It also motivates you when you feel extra tired and uninspired. The bloodstone gets you moving physically and creatively. Moreover, it clears the root chakra to remove emotional blockages. 

    How can the Bloodstone help with joy and happiness?
    If you are feeling down, Bloodstone provides the emotional support you need to face your issues. It gives you the strength to pass through challenging situations and relieve your pain. Working with a Bloodstone Crystal Skull revitalizes your system by increasing your energy levels and endurance during physical activities. It also promotes dreaming and reinforces your insight for creativeness. Moreover, it helps you actualize your ideas and encourages prosperity. 

    To bring back happiness in your life, meditate with your dark green crystal. You can wear a Bloodstone bracelet, earring, brooch, or necklace, or carry it with you in your purse or pocket. Whenever you feel anxious, hold the stone and rub your worry away. You can also place a bowl of the crystal near your seat or in your car to instill protective energy when you travel. Furthermore, have a crystal skull on your work desk for emotional healing.