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Balance & Harmony

Crystals for Balance and Harmony

Balance and harmony are best obtained through a multi-faceted approach. This approach should bring together physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental healing. Using the right crystals for balance and harmony will help cement your journey towards a stable, whole, and peaceful being.Read More...less...

Here at Soul Charms NYC, we have an array of crystals and 7 chakra products that will help you achieve that.

Amethyst is one of the most well-known and highly-prized crystals for its distinctive purple color and metaphysical healing properties. It is an all-rounder stone that works in the spiritual, physical, and emotional planes to promote balance and harmony. Amethyst can also communicate with our chakras and promote harmony and alignment among them.

Blue Sandstone promotes balance and harmony by cleansing the chakras on all levels and calming the senses. Its unique color which resembles the galaxy, as well as its ability to bridge the gap between the spirit and earth realms, make it a very popular stone for holistic healing. 

Black Agate is one of the most popular crystals for balance and harmony. It is a grounding and protective stone. It helps resolve conflicts in stressful households by promoting peace and radiating a calming energy. 

Carnelian stimulates, heals, and balances the Sacral and Base Chakras. Like other orange stones, it is an excellent tool for balancing the body’s energy levels, too. Carnelian also balances human emotions and promotes harmony between creativity and mental focus, which brings out your full mental capacity.

Indian Agate fosters balance and harmony. This stone is very emotionally soothing and calms the mind. Known as an anti-stress stone, Indian Agate gives off energy vibrations that transmit patience, emotional security, and serenity—making it one of the best crystals for harmony. 

Lava Stone, which is also known as Basalt, is associated with the Base Chakra. It is a grounding stone that is widely-used for dissipating anger and promoting stability through times of change. The Lava Stone is also used to bring about positive change in people that may be experiencing behavioral issues. All of these combined make this stone a powerful ally in preserving harmony.

Ocean Jasper is a relatively rare crystal that boasts deep energetic powers. It’s also exceptionally beautiful, which makes it popular not only for healers but for collectors, as well. Ocean Jasper promotes living with a peaceful mind, and its grounding energy ensures a life of balance and gratitude.  It’s also an excellent tool for reducing stress and achieving tranquility in various environments.

Tiger’s Eye is a stone that balances the yin and the yang and energizes the emotional body. It stabilizes mood swings and assists in resolving problems objectively, which is why it is one of the best crystals for family harmony. As it aids harmony and balance, the Tiger’s Eye stone also dispels emotional pain and brings in love and understanding.

Yellow Jade is known to bring harmony and balance to relationships. As an excellent balancing stone, it can be used to invite good health, fortune, and strong relationships. Yellow Jade is also a helpful stone for people who struggle with having a healthy work-life balance. It guides workaholics to become more mindful of their personal life and relationships.

7 Chakra Products

In this collection, you’ll also find crystals for 7 chakra balancing. Our 7 chakra products are lovingly handmade with bold and colorful crystals that represent each of the seven energy centers within the human body.

An out-of-balance chakra will limit you physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Using crystals for balance and harmony will bring healing, peace, and rejuvenated senses. If you’re looking for a powerful tool to help balance your chakras, achieve alignment, and restore your energy, you can’t really go wrong with any of the products we offer.