Talk to Your Spirit Guides

If you are one of the lucky ones who are “sensitive” and receptive, you can pick up on energies in your midst. They are felt as a mystical presence and are there, not to scare you into prayer, but as spiritual guides. You can rely on them, as you would your instincts, to steer you in the right direction in times of confusion or indecision. They come in handy in a crisis or moment of danger.

One account testifies that such a guide saved her from a head-on collision on the highway at night when she was near sleep with eyes about to close. She said it was like a guardian angel had come to pluck her out of peril. Only those with a similar vision believed her. But we get it.  While it gives us goosebumps, it is nevertheless true.

Hopefully, your angel will be there for you. Some people are visited regularly while others have to talk to them and conjure up their presence. Whatever you do, your spirit guide could save your life or at least help you cope with a difficult patch in your life.

It is said that we all have these guides and they will appear at judicious times in various forms. We can communicate with them, assuming that our soft-toned words will be understood at their special frequency. To succeed in contacting the spirit world, you must be open-minded and receptive. But perhaps you need a little help.


How to start


When the time comes, do not freak out or reject the energy apparition. Think of yourself as lucky to experience such forces. You must have the right combination of body, mind, and spirit. You can cultivate this, of course, with the proper way of life. You start with a willing attitude and ability to accept the unknown. People call this the “tune in” phase.

Once you believe, you are on your way to amazing experiences. It will happen when you least expect it. It can redirect your thinking and actions while serving as a kind of message delivery system to alter your life. These moments come at quiet times when your spirit is at rest. You may get a feeling, hear something subtle, or even smell a pleasant odor.


Crystals Enhance Communication


Using crystals like amethyst can enhance your intuitive abilities. You may remember that this gem is associated with the third eye chakra (the area between the eyes) that evokes the higher self. Placement between the brows induces an open state of consciousness and opens the gateway to your spirit guide. The more you practice this procedure, the stronger your intuition will become.

Whether you use crystals or not, being in nature always improves the experience. For obvious reasons, Mother Nature always seems to bring out your best and draws you closer to your guides.  Nature is healing when you are distressed. It is grounding when you want to enter another realm of being. There is something about the natural rhythms that you sense from the movement of our planet. 

Just like meditation tapes, you will hear subtle sounds. They may be the wind in the grass, chirping birds, or rustling creek water nearby. Enjoy and relish its mental treasure. Now is the time to talk to your spirit guides and summon their presence. At first, it may seem only like a sensation. Later it can be an emanation or energy. You are establishing a relationship that will grow and deepen.


Who are Your Spirit Guides?


You will come to know your guides as you improve your ability to call them forth from the depths of your soul. You can be with your crystals, meditating, dreaming, sitting quietly, or otherwise predisposed to receive them. Ask them to reveal themselves in a message of some kind. Talk to them with words such as, “My spirit guide. I need your presence to connect strongly with the natural world. It will take your direction.” Don’t expect a response that very second. It could come later, within a few days, and it may even be in a dream. After all, dreams are the most revealing of our subconscious self. We are in the proper place to receive messages.

If you keep a log or journal, be sure to include anything related to your spirit guides including gut feelings, intuitions, messages and sensations, or emotional rushes. After writing it all down, you may notice a pattern and become better able to interpret what is happening. You might enjoy trying “automatic writing”, a process through which the guides speak to you as you record their words. You will enjoy returning to these passages from time to time. They can help with relationships, romance, work issues, health, and more.


The Third Eye


We all have a third eye and have tapped into it during quiet times or meditation. Ayurvedic massage is said to open it. It can be enhanced with essential oils and crystals. You are stimulating this chakra to evoke its special properties and abilities. Some people get visions when it is done effectively. In any case, it is a time of relaxation and spiritual bliss.

Another way to approach opening chakras is Reiki, a type of energy healing from Japan. If it is successful, you may see completely into your third eye by experiencing sensations or vivid colors. A simple massage of the brow area can take you into another realm. You can even do it yourself. Breathing deeply is always a prerequisite. Whatever works for you in evoking your spiritual guides is valuable and worth doing on a regular basis.

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