Open Your Heart with Special Stones

Some people live in their heads while others experience the world through their hearts. In other words, left and right brain people see reality differently, either relying on reason and logic or emotions and feelings. Which type are you?

If you are a left brain person, you can still easily shift your focus and open your heart with special heart chakra stones. As you may know, this is the fourth primary chakra in the center of the chest. You may want to evoke new energy from this realm to bring more love, strength, good health and harmony to your life.

What’s more, this chakra is the source of forgiveness and acceptance, stemming from the divine power of the universe. Tapping into the loving energy of the heart chakra will open new realms for you and help you form better, closer relationships. It will expand business opportunities as well as love interests. It can also repair broken bonds and a lack of self-esteem from personal failures.

If you want balance in your existence, using heart chakra stones is the way to attain new calm and peace. It starts with malachite, chrysoprase, epidote, rhodonite, and rose quartz.



Using the stones


These stones are guaranteed to open the heart chakra with the special healing properties that characterize each one. A new view of life and ability to offer unconditional love will come from a “change of heart.” You can banish negativity and learn to forgive and forget those who offend you or bring aggravation to your life. With compassion, you will accept people as they are and learn to love yourself first and foremost. You will become a more kindhearted soul in all your worldly interactions. Together, these crystals will make you more centered and calm and able to approach the world with confidence and optimism.




This beautiful radiating green stone is known to cleanse the chakras, particularly the heart. It can transform a negative, angry or aggressive person into a loving spirit. People who carry malachite around benefit from its protective shielding. In addition to warding off bad vibes, it brings forth renewed optimism, inspiration and positivity in all things. It is a true life force energy with healthy power to restore one’s body and mind.




Each crystal can be programmed for a purpose or intention with a particular focus on unblocking the heart chakra. With epidote, the goal is to improve relationships and renew personal ties. It is associated with a life of abundance and prosperity. Those who receive the proffering of others must first give of themselves. This stone will help you emit positive energy and reap the rewards of your newfound acceptance and compassion. Forgiveness is difficult but can be achieved with the help of this special stone.




The heart chakra is deeply affected by chrysoprase, a stone laden with joy and optimism. Like the other crystals, it can make a big impact on your outlook on life, opening the heart to receiving the energy of the universe. Love comes to those who embrace its power. People who struggle with relationships should carry it on their person at all times. Hurt feelings can be repaired while faith in others is restored. It also helps with depression and anxiety as it eases tensions from an emotional imbalance. You can achieve inner growth as you become a vital support system for others.




One look at this glittering gold stone with lovely green flecks and you know you are beholding something with innate power. It is like contemplating fairy dust that emits good vibrations associated with happiness and peace. Anyone with undue stress will find fuchsite a truly magical crystal and healing stone. Some say it brings about miracles. At the least, it will alter your emotional state and rid your soul of negativity to give you a more lighthearted mindset.  


Rose quartz


This well-known and respected crystal is one of the best to open the heart chakra to love. Self-love is one of the main benefits, a trait often lacking in the average person. You will come to understand your behavior under the influence of rose quartz and find that you can alter it for the better. It acts to promote self-definition and self-worth while also opening you up to the love of others. Compassion and forgiveness are necessary in fostering good relationships and rose quartz is a way to tap into your capacity for loving acceptance.




One final crystal on your path to a renewed life full of positive energy and love is rhodonite. The heart chakra often needs to be opened in order for you to function as a balanced human being with regard for others. This “rescue stone” is essential in everyone’s collection of crystals for its healing power and ability to restore the body to its optimal potential. You can banish problem relationships and become a forgiving and compassionate friend or mate. Newfound faith in life and love can be yours with rhodonite on the premises. You will reach an emotional balance you never felt before.

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