November’s birthstone is for everyone

Good morning. We have slowly drifted into November, which means that the fall is already in full swing and more often than not the only yellow color nature throws at us, tends to be on the fallen leaves.

As I said in one of my previous emails - the season of darkness is slowly, but steadily, covering us with its shadowy blanket. Depending on what region you live in you may not even see much sun on a daily basis. And light is directly responsible for our mood, our energy and for our emotional well being.

"Keep your face to the sun and you'll never see the shadows."
~Helen Keller

Now is the right time to mention a gift from nature that is sparkling yellow, always shines, and carries the energies of the Sun. November’s birthstone - Citrine.

Citrine brings extra joy to everyone, even if you weren’t born in this month. Yellow represents life, as it’s the color of the sun. I have my Citrine bracelet on my nightstand (unless I forget it somewhere, happens more often than not) to warm me up when the sun is down.

It brings in refreshing peace and opens the higher mind to accept joy in one’s life. Usually crystals absorb negative energies, but Citrine works by clearing out negative energies. Citrine steers you towards a positive direction, which makes it an excellent choice for positive energy. It’s especially handy when negative vibes manage to get to you. They just stick there and constantly make you question everything.

Ask and you shall receive, live your best life with Citrine. Citrine’s energies inject you with just the right amount of inspiration and drive. Sometimes we need a little reminder, because, can we really rely on willpower alone to follow through with our goals or become the best version of ourselves?

It’s also the reason why it’s called the Merchant’s stone. Citrine does not only assist in acquiring wealth, but also helps to maintain it. It is a stone of abundance and manifestation, prosperity and success. It sprouts new beginnings, whether it means new interests, relationships or projects. Without inspiration and motivation, keeping your eye on the goal would definitely be harder.

Decorate the garden of your soul with Citrine, and live in harmony. What a beautiful gemstone, isn’t it?

Love and light,



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