Meditate with Crystals to Calm Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the bane of our existence and destroy self-esteem and productivity in the best of us. Much has been written about banishing this bogeyman, but not enough has been devoted to the use of crystals. They are quite effective in treating conditions that cannot be addressed by medication or hypnosis. It is an individual matter requiring a bit of experimentation.

Everyone worries but it can become excessive and self-destructive, jeopardizing social and familial relationships and causing undue problems at work. If you know anything about meditation, you recognize its reputation as a form of therapy. When crystals are added to the mix, you have a wonderful way to uplift your mood and calm your agitated spirit. Using the positive earth energy of stones is magical and a comforting tactile experience in itself as you handle them and feel their weight and texture.

When extreme stress rears its ugly head in the form of a panic attack, touching a crystal can be enough to stop the onslaught of negative emotions. Tell yourself that “this too will pass” and let the crystals do their work as you sit and meditate to restore a positive mindset. So how do you know which stones are best for you?



Desert rose selenite


Using crystals in meditation for anxiety is not an exact science, but we do have studies that show that it works. Think of desert rose selenite, for example, as a symbol of the self in stress with a vibration out of whack. It is actually a form of gypsum with a high salt content. Thus, it acts to pull toxins from the body that are associated with negativity and low energy. It restores mental clarity and boosts creativity and intuition. The benefits are major for many purposes, and its reputation is growing for anxiety treatment.

The way it operates is to hold a piece in each hand as a representation of light amid the darkness of chaos. You can be standing or seated as you wish or go from one posture to another. Your approach can change according to the emotions you are feeling. As your meditation session progresses, move the crystals in your hands and feel their surfaces. Rolling them back and forth is effective in soothing your soul and releasing anxiety. Keep at it to work through stress or a panic attack. The rough texture creates a focal point for awareness to help you get to the root of your problem. There may be anger, worry, fear or other emotions associated with your anxiety. Let the crystals reveal them as you recite a positive affirmation like “I can achieve release,” “I can see the light,” or “I am calm and in control.” Take as long as necessary to achieve complete peace.


Blue chalcedony and danburite

Meditating with crystals is wonderful when two stones work in tandem for spiritual balance. Serenity and relation are the purview of blue chalcedony while danburite brings forth the inherent calm within the body. Both unlock the door of inner peace and afford numerous healing benefits. Blue is a soothing color that comforts immediately and works to shift one’s energy. Danburite is the panacea for the ills of the modern world as it stops the mental chaos that destroys concentration and focus. Using it therefore results in a feeling of safety within a nurturing womb.

It is a little different than desert rose selenite. In this type of meditative experience, you hold one of each crystal as symbols of the yin and yang energies of human life. Together they create balance and centering. Each has a unique texture, engendering special associations and energy levels. Breath deeply in and out and feel the anxiety flow from your body, allowing room for love and friendship.

Meditation is a time to think through your state of mind and what is causing anxiety and distraction. It is also the moment to use visualization along with your crystals to sever ties with the past. Imagine you are worry free in a stress-free world. Nothing can interfere with your relaxed status and positive outlook on life. Think of both sides of the brain in perfect harmony just like the two gemstones in each hand. Feel the balance in your legs and arms as perfect symmetrical appendages in sync with the environment. In short, you feel one with the earth and part of its nurturing warmth.

Crystals allow the user to enjoy a clean slate with all traces of anxiety banished. It may take time for tension to completely reside, but it will come and last for a long time. The soothing energy of crystals during meditation will help your vibrate at the perfect frequency for your time in life. Use your instincts as to when and how long to use them for best results.

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  • Sheila Hogan

    You have a lot to say about desert rose selenite, but I can not see that it is available in your inventory.

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