Igniting your Intuition

We all have some degree of intuition built into our mental capacity for understanding the world around us. For some it lies dormant waiting to be ignited. When this happens, you have a kind of inner knowing to help you navigate life in the best direction.

It is like your own special GPS that orients you when you are adrift. When reason and logic fail, it is time to rely on something more powerful. Intuition is rooted in the soul and is a voice for spiritually-formed decisions. Because it is another side of the self that stands apart from the brain, it must be cultivated in an entirely different manner.



Give intuition your undivided attention


This can be difficult if you are used to responding to what others say and what you feel is “the right thing to do.” Besides, we are busy running around in circles with little time to contemplate or meditate. We can miss the sudden bursts of intuition that come into our waking lives unnoticed.

Some people are ruled by the heart, the appetites, or the mind. Those with a more emotional nature already have access to this alternative intangible realm. You probably already pay attention to your feelings and sensations. For the rest of us, we need to learn to recognize the power of intuition in providing insight and solutions.

Your intuition can manifest itself in different ways. You may feel tingly or inspired if something good is in your midst, but also apprehensive and edgy if danger is on its way. When you have an intuition about something, it is likely to be important.

To tap into your intuition, you can try some techniques to release your body from its physical demands. One method is to sit with your feet pressed to the floor and one hand on your heart or belly. Now you focus on your breathing and try to imagine that it is centered around these body parts. In essence, you are tuning in and listening with a renewed attention.

You are almost there. Keep breathing as new emotions arise. They may be connected with pain or discomfort. You are now no longer ignoring the messages of the body.


Let your intuition act as a guide


The purpose of this exercise is to access and develop one’s sense of intuition by first of all acknowledging its presence. Then you will honor it as the key guide in your life. You will soon see which feelings are deep and which are at the surface. You will then be able to act on those that are most relevant.

The intuition can take you to many places, often nudging you into new territory. If you haven’t been an adventurous soul, now you can take the new opportunities that arise.

To enhance this ability, there is another good exercise to consider called “mirror declaration.” Let’s say your intuition is strong and you want to interpret it. Look in the mirror and gaze into your eyes. As you do, “declare” a commitment to a new action or way of being. It could be anything from “I will devote myself to changing careers” to “I am determined to form better relationships.” These affirmations can go public on social media to make them more powerful and promote accountability.


Listen well


This is the third prong of a three-part approach to nurturing your intuition. Each is as important as the other. It is easiest to listen to our hunches if we are not engrossed in work or a physical activity. It may take changing your brainwave frequency to the “alpha” state. We are most open to intuition when we take a breather from a puzzling problem and go for a walk or do a menial chore. Everyone has their own personal system for clearing the cobwebs of the mind.

Stroking a pet or doing yoga are ideal ways to calm your body and focus on the mental dimension. Meditation is one of the top methods for enhancing intuition available to everyone at any time. There is nothing like it to reach an absolute inner quiet. In addition, apart from chores and walks, creative endeavors are wonderful doors to one’s intuition.

The idea is to do something repetitive and “mindless.” The more boring, the better. You can sketch, stretch, sing or dance. Some do it while driving a car. For positive results, you can always close your eyes and focus on your breathing anywhere you are. Find your center and let your mind go completely blank. Think about what your intuition is revealing at this moment. You should be on a different channel so to speak. If you are open and receptive, you will be guided into another dimension.

Some people describe this experience as “seeing in the mind’s eye.” Others hear a voice in their heads or a sudden sensation in their bellies. Don’t be surprised if you spontaneously start daydreaming and wander off - it is all part of the process.

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