Harness the power of the upcoming Harvest Moon

A full harvest moon is coming on September 13-14th. It’s called the Harvest Moon because it’s the full moon nearest to the autumnal equinox - the moonlight allowed farmers to harvest after the sun had set.

The energy of the full moon is always positive. (In case you’re superstitious. It’s going to start on Friday the 13th and all.) Before we continue, there’s something I left for you in the very end of the email. With that said...

The harvest moon is in the gentle sign of Pisces. The keywords for the Pisces moon are: forgive, forget and let go. Full moons are about releasing. It’s time to let go of any negative thoughts and regrets of the past. 

…Actually let me put it this way. Absorbing the properties of the upcoming Harvest Moon and harnessing the healing properties of crystals can help you direct all of it into your journey now, helping you to move on from the past. Find a crystal that speaks to you and let the Harvest Moon’s energy carry you on it’s supporting wave.

Whether you like to meditate during this time, say your favorite affirmations, or just enjoy staring at the beautiful phenomenon that a full moon is - there’s no right or wrong way to “take advantage of the Harvest Moon” - or which crystals to use during it, it’s a deeply personal choice. We are all in different places in our lives, and what resonates with me, might not with you.

Here’s something I enjoy doing during this moonphase. It has become a ritual in that matter. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration from it.

Right around sundown, I go outside and leave my crystals out overnight to bask in the moonlight. I place them in my garden, on my windowsill, and on my balcony. Above all else, I make sure that my crystals are safe & protected from the outdoor elements. For example, Selenite and Tourmaline aren't exactly water friendly (in the case of rain).

And be aware, there are some sneaky birds and critters out there who may take notice of your beautiful crystals and be interested in keeping them for their own! One of our healers actually lost a pendant to a crow. It’s hilarious now, but she was really let down when she told us the story.

Once I wake up the next morning, I go outside and collect my crystals (this is my favorite part). I say a thank-you prayer to the moon for replenishing the energy of my stones, and by the time I pick them up, I can already feel the renewed life in them.

Take advantage of the crystals and let them carry you on your journey.

To honor the Harvest moon, all spheres are 15% off with the code: HARVEST so you can always recall back to this once a year phenomenon - whether you’re working with them, or just have them as an ornament that lights up your living room.




This Sphere looks like a miniature moon, doesn’t it? Not many people truly realize the full extent of crystal sphere’s (ball) meaning and uses. What exactly makes crystal balls an excellent tool for looking into the future? Read more about them below and don’t forget to take 15% off with the code: HARVEST


P.S. We’re removing the discount on Sunday.


Love and light,



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