Empaths Need Clearing and Protection

Empaths are very special people and their gifts need protection and clearing from time to time. It should be done with appropriate crystals that impart the desired energy vibrations. Empaths know who they are and you identify them as good listeners. As such, they can absorb negative vibes from others.

There is a way, however, to make sure that nothing bad rubs off during a personal encounter. If an empath feels that someone is “off” or things are not right, there is risk to his or her psyche such that normal energy levels may be inhibited. No one wants a shroud of darkness over their spirit, so taking steps is vital to stay on an even keel. You can clear your emotional palate with a few basic strategies that establish personal boundaries for others.

Sensitive people can be emotionally and physically harmed by negative energy. It happens when empaths are overly compassionate resulting in a depletion of their inner resources. They may spend too much time with one person or several throughout the day. The process can be slow and imperceptible until the point of sheer exhaustion. It is sometimes problematic to be around too many people in a crowded room such as the office or a party where emotions are being vented.



Protective tips


To avoid a complete draining experience, there are several protection tips to restore one’s balance. If anger, grief, pain, or sadness are in the air, the empath needs clearing in order to replenish their energy level. Each of these suggestions can deliver good results by purifying and cleansing the mind.

  1. The ability to visualize is one of the hallmarks of a true empath. The person can use such visualization to shield himself or herself from the destructive power of others. Each morning upon arising and every night before retiring, the process should be repeated. It is simple. The empath stands still while breathing deeply. The mind conjures up a pair of scissors that starts to cut around their body akin to making a paper doll.

Next, the visualization proceeds to ideate these scissors severing all negative ties, thereby releasing bad and destructive energy. Holding black tourmaline in one’s hands will take you to a deeper level. To enhance the restoration of the self, the empath can visualize any recent stressful situation. Maybe a co-worker expressed criticism of your project or the boss did not appreciate your new ideas. Getting into the right frame of mind here is vital to purge the emotions associated with these encounters. Inhaling long breaths deep into the lungs is helpful, especially in a private space. The mind may visualize a shield or bubble around the body, prompting you to chant the affirmation, “protection is all around.”

Such is the role of visualization for empaths who want to rid themselves of life’s toxic moments. They use selenite to enhance the benefits during and after the process. Owning a necklace, bracelet, or pin made of the crystal is a wise choice to remove and block unwanted energy in your surroundings at any time.

  1. Meditation with crystals is also highly touted as a method for finding balance and well-being. Even a few minutes works wonders in reviving one’s life force. Black kyanite is said to be the perfect choice for empaths who use it like a sword to cut attachments no longer valued. If you feel that people are feasting on your favors as an empath and demanding too much of you, this will do the trick for sure. Anything in your surrounding space that sticks to you like glue can be detached and sent packing.

During meditation, black kyanite is powerful along with visualization to release the forces that bind you too tightly. People can be toxic, but fortunately there is a remedy to restore the chakras and bring them into perfect alignment. Most like to hold the crystal or sweep it about their person as a symbolic cutting of ties.

  1. Sacred space must be established for empaths to become cleared. To feel stabilized after an onslaught of toxic energy, you can find a place at home to escape from unwanted attachments. You want a pure space surrounded by black tourmaline for protection. It acts like a shield in effect from dark energy. Placed in a bowl of sea salt, this crystal will soak up the bad vibes in an instant. They are very effective at the entrances to one’s home.

Another way to establish a sacred and safe space is through sage cleansing. It is a surefire way to dispel negative energy brought home with you from a troubling day. Saging works day or night by wafting the plant’s purifying smoke throughout the desired area. Many wave it around windows, doors, and closets or superior protection.


  • Zach C

    Thank you for this great write up. I believe I have struggled most of my life due to highly empathic ability.. I’ve gone through the gamet of blaming psychology, family upbringing, trauma’s, etc etc until I finally started learning of empaths, hsp’s and the rare clairsentients.. Crystals as well as the literature has helped exponentially in finding peace and sanctity as well as daily practice with Sage, Selenite and of course Black tourmaline which should be in any empaths tool kit. This knowledge and practice you posted is highly valuable.

  • Stephanie Dougherty

    This is marvelous help. I often find myself drained after dealing with people. I’m just starting my journey

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