December’s birthstone is a rock star amongst crystals

December’s birthstone is… Actually give me just a second. It needs a proper introduction. *Loudly breathes out; adjusts pants*. Here we go.

It’s the Beatles of the crystal world. The first mined stone for jewelries. It’s one of the most valuable minerals. Perhaps the oldest stone in history. It has been the talisman of kings, queens, shamans and warriors. Meet December’s birthstone - Turquoise. Phew, I can breath out again.

Turquoise is the rock-solid lighthouse that firmly shows the way during the dark and short winter days. The natural energy of them benefits your overall mood and emotion by balancing and inducing a sense of peace. Often you don’t notice it yourself, but your family or friends mention the almost-overwhelmingly peaceful aura around you, leaving you with an ‘aha’ moment and a cheeky little grin on your face.



One of the reasons it was a popular talisman amongst the royals (and warriors) is because Turquoise is considered to be one of the oldest sacred protection stones. And that’s why it’s also a useful addition to your home. Especially living room. It is one of the busiest rooms, with lots of active energies colliding.

Turquoise fills your home with uplifting energy that nurtures you; benefits your overall mood and emotions, balances and induces a sense of peace, and also cleanses out stagnant energy. It’s a little air-vent that makes your home a sanctuary; a haven of calm.

Holding or wearing Turquoise helps you restore depleted vitality and lift sagging spirits. If the upcoming holidays are going to take the best of you, it relieves stress and brings focus back to the heart center. It strengthens the meridians of the body (meridian-system is a concept in traditional chinese medicine; a path through which life energy flows) and our subtle energy fields, enhancing communication between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Being connected to the throat chakra, (the upper chakras will shake off your feelings of being stuck in life) Turquoise is often used to achieve goals. It increases intuition and inspiration, and stimulates the intellect to expand in knowledge and truth. (If you now wonder what I meant by using this precious stone, simply do what feels right for you. Whether it’s wearing it, talking to it, or meditating with it.)

All in all, it’s an eye-catching crystal that brings uniqueness to your accessories while at the same time manifesting its deeper spiritual benefits. Kings, queens, shamans and warriors wore them for a reason. With a simple placement in your surroundings or on your body, connect to the mystical energy of Turquoise.

P.S. It’s for you, even if you weren’t born in December.

Love and light,



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