Combine Fall’s symbolism of colors with crystal energy

​Well it’s Tuesday, which doesn’t seem significant at first. But...

Summer is finally coming to an end! I can already feel the upcoming breezy September (we all know September basically translates to Fall being in full swing, even though it officially starts on the 23rd of Sept.)

Here’s why I’m actually already talking about the upcoming season.

Do you feel like you always shop birthday presents in the last minute possible? Or feel like you’d even be late to your own wedding, or generally do everything in the last possible seconds, even though you always promise to turn it around but can still never make right?

Yes, I’m guilty of being a “Last-second Larry” too…  So here's my question: are you prepared for Autumn? Well, now is our chance to finally be on time!

Let’s decorate your garden of souls with Fall’s colors, so you can passionately sail through the upcoming season with crystal energy combined with the symbolism of colors.

Colors have always held symbolic power. And by always, I mean it dates back to ancient times. They have a huge impact on our emotions and well-being. For example, did you know that it’s a proven fact that babies cry more in rooms painted yellow. Or how red creates a sense of urgency.

And these are just two examples out of many more.

Let’s come back to the Fall palette and combine the emotional responses from each of the colors with the energies from crystals that are associated with these colors.


Red Crystals

Red is the color of blood, yet it is also the color of love. It’s full of passion, romance and courage. It is loud, like rage and anger. Red is also the color of the first chakra.

Strive for life with red crystals. If you feel you’re not as energetic or passionate anymore, let red crystals uplift you. They have the ability to spark a fire in you, and push you to take action.

Favorite red gemstone recommendations by our crystal healers this Fall: Red Jasper, Red Sandstone, Red Tiger-Eye


Orange Crystals

A lot of literature and poems are inspired by orange autumn leaves. It’s a color of creativity after all. Orange also symbolizes many of Fall’s features: joy, change, endurance and energy. Orange is the color of the second chakra.

Orange crystals are all about ambition and sparking your creative side. Whether it translates to starting new business ventures or enthusiasm to finally follow through on your ideas.

Favorite orange gemstone recommendations by our crystal healers this Fall: Carnelian.


Yellow Crystals

Yellow represents life, as it’s the color of the sun. And without the sun, there would be no life. It’s the color of happiness, hope and honor. Yellow is the Third Chakra - the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Wear yellow crystals when you’re experiencing a burnout. Yellow crystals, just like the sun, sprout new beginnings, whether it means new interests, relationships or projects.

Favorite yellow gemstone recommendations by our crystal healers this Fall: Yellow Jade, Yellow Lotus Jasper, Citrine.


Brown Crystals

It’s the color of the earth. A natural color with a strong sense of comfort, reliability, and grounding. Just like it represents the 10th chakra, which is located a foot and a half below the surface. It ensures our connection with the earth.

Like the 10th chakra - Brown crystals help you to regain your composure and reconnect with the natural world. They carry the energies of stability and security. If you’re in need of creating peace and escaping our hectic world for a moment, you know where to turn to.

Favorite brown gemstone recommendations by our crystal healers this Fall: Mahogany Obsidian, Tiger-Eye, Picture Jasper.

Decorate your garden of soul with the mixture of symbolism of colors and crystal energy to passionately sail through the Fall.

Wishing you joy and sunshine,



Combine Fall’s symbolism of colors with crystal energy

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