Are you living monotonously on autopilot?

What do we get when we combine the momentum of Harvest Moon energy with the upcoming New Moon phase? You get excited Christina’s email. Ha.

With my geeky puns aside…

Now that the lazy summertime is behind us… well, technically Fall starts next week ...Nature is always subtly telling us what to do. It’s a time when we reap the fruits of our labors. And at the same time it questions you, depending on your reward, if what you’re doing is right, or if your harvest can be improved.

So, do you feel you’ve recently, or in the past months just let life happen, day by day, on a monotonous autopilot? Yet at the same time magically hoping to reap the fruits or something exciting to happen without exactly pursuing it? If so, keep on reading.

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

New Moon phase is excellent in every way that screams new beginnings. Remember, it’s not only about productivity, but living a meaningful life in general.

And if we combine that with the momentum of the Harvest Moon’s energy, (which was primarily to forgive, forget and let go) you get a hot off the press, brand new white canvas to paint your life on.

Let the Fall and current momentum of the Moon phases remind you to bring your visions and secret dreams into reality. You didn’t come this far to only come this far.

Crystals that go hand in hand with the upcoming New Moon and new beginnings are:



Zoisite enhances the energy of whatever it touches, including other stones. It evokes a sense of hopeful optimism into your body, that helps to bring the mind into a higher vibration. It is excellent for those stuck in bouts (whether it’s depression, anxiety or any daily struggles) and can’t seem to find a way to start painting their dream journey. Turn to Zoisite.



Malachite is your professional set of paintbrushes anxiously waiting to be used on your canvas. It never fails to bring about the positive changes in your life you’ve been thinking about. Malachite brings about these changes in a gentle and caring nature, making the transition from one state to another an easy process.

Malachite is also a stone of good fortune and prosperity. It brings a productive and lucrative type of work into your life, which can in turn foster great self-confidence and success.



And something we can never get enough. Lady Luck’s special. Carnelian attracts prosperity, new resources and good luck. It’s a talisman for success in any venture. In the workplace, it is a crystal of ambition, drive and determination. Carnelian also increases courage and willpower. It promotes idealism, a sense of community and pragmatism.

Find a crystal that speaks to you, let it snap you out of your monotonous sleepwalking and let the New Moon’s energy carry you on it’s supporting wave and start painting the canvas you want your life to be.

P.S. May the new season bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and lots of new inspirations into your life.

Love and light,



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