3 methods to counteract anxiety attacks

Anxiety is the bane of our existence even for the best of us. If comments like take a deep breath, or calm down irritates you, keep on reading.

Like I said, you’ve most likely heard about the standard best-practices that relieve anxiety. They include controlled breathing, supplements, exercise and so on and on. But, for many, these techniques may not work or cause other unwanted side effects (if you’re taking supplements). 

Much has been written about banishing this bogeyman, but not enough has been devoted to the use of crystals. They are quite effective in treating conditions that cannot be addressed by medication or hypnosis. It is an individual matter requiring a bit of experimentation.

Don’t let anything hold you back in this life, Soul Charmer. So let’s talk about 3 actionable steps you can take while combining them with the soothing energy of crystals. (And no i’m not going to talk about taking deep breaths.)


1. Counteract worry with curiosity.


What’s triggering it? Are you losing control? Seeing the bigger picture helps you snap out of the rollercoaster of thoughts. Here are some questions that’ll guide you out of the swamp.


As of this moment, I’m surrounded by many new things, including...

I imagine what I’m currently going through will be subsided by...

Aren’t these handy? It’s tough to admit on the internet that I get anxiety attacks too. And these questions do help me get my rush under control. Try answering one of them right now, I can wait a minute. Did you? Now you see it yourself how they help you realize what’s actually going on.


Crystals that greatly aid you on step #1 are Sodalite, and Turquoise.



When you get caught up in worries you get ungrounded. Sodalite helps calm the mind and panic attacks. It’s known as the stone of peace and balances your throat chakra. (Throat chakra is the chakra of communication, not only with others, but with yourself as well.)

You can't just ‘think your way out of it’, you need to cultivate habits that will make you more biologically resilient to stress. To establish new habits, it takes digging deep and communicating with yourself regularly to keep you from falling back to old ways.



Turquoise is another excellent stone for those who have anxiety, depression, or an overwhelming amount of stress in their lives. It also stabilizes mood swings, inspires inner calm, bringing about peace.


2. You have total control! Yes, you do.


Uncomfortable situations will make you want to take off. Until you just run into them again and again later on in life. What if you decide to stay and trick your brain this time? How many times have you looked back to situations and wish you would have acted differently? But at the time it seemed like the end of the world?

Give yourself options (you know what that means in your situations) and the pressure slowly, but steadily degrades. Of course it’s hard at first, and turning to comforting crystals is recommended. But eventually you’ll trick the brain and it rewires how you choose to react.

Also turning to step #1 can be comforting.

Crystals that help you fight the situation to get stronger are Fluorite and Zoisite



Fluorite is a great stone to relieve anxiety, tension, and stress levels by detoxifying the emotional body. It’s the emotional body that’s making you run, not your physical body. Holding it can help get rid of mental blocks and related mental issues, which equals staying and not giving up if you know you’ll be mad at yourself later on. Fluorite reduces fear of the future and eases anger and depression. It restores emotional calm.



Zoisite helps you stay centered in the midst of darkness. It evokes a sense of hopeful optimism into one's emotional body, helping to bring the mind into a higher vibration.


3. Voice your anxiety (And give it a name.)


The next time you feel you’re starting to lose control and slowly get into your head.

Interview yourself when you’re starting to get the nervous feeling. You can even give your anxiety a name. It’s actually a very useful technique used by therapists. For example: Tim, what are you trying to tell me? Are you deliberately trying to ruin my well being? Why are you sabotaging me, I was having a perfectly normal time.

You have a choice. Look at it as a skill you are trying to master. The more hours you put in, the easier it gets for you. Every beginning is hard, but it’s the ones who take the most steps, that reach the unknown.

And at all times remember steps #2 and #1.

Crystal that help you with step #3 are Obsidian and Jade



Obsidian relieves anxiety and promotes composure, courage and endurance. Obsidian stimulates warmth and gentleness (So you can fight back to your anxiety, especially if you named it), unifying the creative forces of the self. It also helps you experience the great spiral reaching from the center of the self to the outer layers of consciousness - which is voicing your anxiety part. It is used for crisis management and supports striving to improve the quality of life.



Jade helps us to experience joy in our day-to-day lives and encourages the letting go of self-imposed limitations; Anxiety plays a big part in our mental health.

When crystals are added to the mix, you have a wonderful way to uplift your mood and calm your agitated spirit. Using the positive motherly earth energy of stones is magical and a comforting tangible experience in itself as you handle them and feel their weight and texture. Touching a crystal can be enough to stop the onslaught of rushing emotions.

Crystals allow you to enjoy a clean slate with all traces of anxiety banished. It may take time for tension to completely reside, but it will come and last for a long time.

Hold the crystal you have, and thank it for helping you release all the stress of the moment, allowing you to be calm, balanced, and relaxed both physically and emotionally, in full faith, and be in full control of the situation.

So when you start to feel nervous, and get the ‘oh god not again I’m so tired of it’. Try some of these three actionable methods in these situations and combine them with crystals.

Like I said in the beginning, it takes some experimenting with finding the right crystals. Don’t let anything hold you back, Soul Charmer!

Lots of love,



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