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Tiger Eye

Tiger’s Eye: Meaning, Jewelry, and Healing Properties

Have you ever found yourself letting your emotions decide for you? Or are you always letting your emotions keep you from doing something? Tiger eye can help clear away all those and help you become the best person you can be! It will give you the fierceness and the resolve of a tiger on a hunt.Read More...less...

About the Tiger’s Eye: Uses and Meaning

The Tiger’s Eye, or simple called the Tiger Eye, was believed to be named as such because of its striped appearance that resembles that of a tiger. Others also call it this because of its chatoyancy, which is a property in gemstones where the appearance changes depending on the angle. This property creates a flash of light running through the stone that makes it look like an iris. It’s this light that also gave it the title of the ‘Golden Ray’ stone.
Because of both these reasons, its meaning and abilities are associated with the large feline. Just like a tiger hunting for a prey, Tiger’s Eye brings improved vision, focus, and patience. It has all-knowing properties that are the strongest amongst the ‘eyes’ stones.
Similarly, Tiger’s Eye can bring courage, strength, and prosperity. It’s also known as a stone for achieving one’s goals. These traits help you gain the perseverance and determination to reach your objectives. Alongside greater insight and the ability to maintain balance, it lets you stay on track with your goals and avoid excessive spending, which then translates to wealth and fortune.
Healing properties of this stone comes from its connection to the sun and earth. These are what gives it grounding properties that lets you see the world as a whole and create balance in everything you do. By harmonizing negative and positive thoughts, Tiger’s Eye dispels anxiety and emotions that can cloud your vision. People use these characteristics to understand the spiritual and physical world, which allows them to manifest on a higher level.

How was Tiger’s Eye Used in Ancient Times

This crystal is one that’s been around since ancient times. Egyptians used them as eyes for their gods and goddesses in order to show divine vision. It’s also because of the fact that it was believed to provide protection from the sun god, Ra, and the god of the earth, Geb.
For the Romans, this quartz was carved into talismans and amulets for soldiers to carry around for deflecting weapons and increasing bravery. The light from the chatoyance was believed to distract one’s enemies by making it harder for them to see their targets.

What are the Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye?

  • Spiritual
    The Golden Ray on it creates high frequency vibrations that gives off the warm energy of the Earth. This brings compassion, peace, and grace. It connects with the sun, which has guidance from the Divine Light that you can use in meditation. You can learn and communicate with them, and these teachings are what you can use to share good will to the world.
    Its vibrations also hold the consciousness of Christ, so this crystal encourages unconditional love and devotion. This same vibration is also what would foster commitment and enthusiasm in your life. All these coupled with clearer vision is what would help you see the world in other people’s eyes. This results in a more caring nature that’s mimics the will of Christ.
    True to its meaning, Tiger’s Eye grants clarity by getting rid of fear and anxiety. This opens up our ability to remember dream, intuition, and psychic abilities. It also helps us go back on track with our goals since it gets rid of emotions that hold us back.

  • Emotional
    Balancing extreme emotions are what the Tiger’s Eye is all about. It can resolve internal conflict and reduce negative thoughts, especially ones caused by jealousy, stubbornness, and pride. This crystal helps organize your thoughts and emotions to better understand situations.
    You clear mind will also help you realize your self-worth as well as accept your own shortcomings. It lets you see both sides of a situation, which is why it’s great for identifying your own abilities and faults. This same ability is also what helps you see from the point of view of another version, resulting in more logical decisions.
    If you struggle with attention deficit or have a hard time following through with your goals, this crystal can keep you from spacing out and from letting your emotions rule over your decisions. It can also make you hopeful and optimistic for the future that’ll help you continue your goals.

  • Physical
    True to its meaning and name, this crystal is great for treating vision and problems for the eyes. Tiger’s Eye helps with throat, stomach, and gallbladder problems. Also, it has a strengthening ability that aids in healing broken bones and aligning the spine.
    The balancing properties help your spine and other aspects of your body, too. For one, it regulates your metabolism and hormones. This crystal is also a blood fortifier. Both of these result to more energy and more efficient detoxification.
    Lastly, this crystal can reduce blood pressure and asthma attacks by relieving physical stress caused by nightmares. It balances the chemicals in your brain, which has the added effect of treating mental illnesses like depression.

Tiger’s Eye for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Tiger’s Eye is particularly helpful for the lower chakras. These are the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakra, which are responsible for maintaining strength, stability, and confidence.
The Root or Base Chakra is about our everyday survival. It gives us energy to move and go about our day, so an imbalance here would mean lack of enthusiasm and feelings of lethargy. The Tiger Eye is beneficial here because it gathers scattered energy and eases overactive nerves.
The Sacral Chakra near your naval will use the Tiger’s Eye to unearth your deepest desires. It will unleash creative energy that lets you see the beauty in the world. This allows you to enjoy the rewards of your hard work and thus, motivating you to keep pushing forward.
The Solar Plexus Chakra helps release self-doubt and uncertainty in you and replaces it with self-confidence. This chakra is about our relationship with others and how it affects us. If you’re always so concerned of others’ opinion to the point that it limits your own actions, it causes an imbalance in this chakra that causes a repressed identity, timid behavior, and indecisiveness. This crystal is especially useful here because it can dispel feelings of insecurity.
Because of its powerful Solar energy, this is also a good crystal for the Third Eye Chakra. It allows you to connect with deities and tap into your psychic abilities. Meanwhile, its energy from the Earth keeps you grounded as you access higher planes.

What Does Tiger’s Eye Attract

It’s a great crystal for those just starting out with a new business or a new job because it attracts wealth and fortune. The Tiger’s Eye encourages the flow of money and responsible financial decisions. This crystal clears your mind of emotions that can get in the way of good judgement, allowing you to make sound decisions and have mental clarity.
In addition to that, Tiger’s Eye brings harmony and balance. It can organize information and clear your mind in order for you to properly assess the information presented to you. This is why this is a crystal that also attracts creativity because it lets you discover your hidden abilities.

Red Tiger’s Eye Meaning and Healing Properties

Also known as the Bull’s Eye, this one stimulates the Root Chakra. It brings vitality, strength, and an improved sex drive. This one allows you to tap into your inner strength and bring you the courage of a bull. You’ll be more fearless, and this can help you defend yourself against bullies. Also, this color gives motivation to those who often feel unmotivated and lethargic.

Blue Tiger’s Eye Meaning and Healing Properties

The Blue Tiger Eye or the Hawk’s Eye is more soothing and calming. This crystal can drive away stress and anxiety in order for you to feel more relaxed and have a clearer mind. It has a more commanding vibration that drives away nightmares and jealousy from others. This allows you to see beyond what’s in front of you, great for those looking to improve their clairvoyance.

How to Use Your Tiger’s Eye to Manifest

Other kinds of Tiger’s Eye have roughly the same qualities with just a few extra benefits. Here’s how you can use this crystal in your everyday lives:

  • Hold a Tiger’s Eye while praying or meditating.
  • Wear Tiger’s Eye jewelry. Preferably necklaces or earrings that are near the head.
  • Place them on your Chakras while lying down.
  • Use Tiger’s Eye mala beads during praying for spiritual healing.
  • Use an Orgonite Pyramid with a Tiger’s Eye.
  • Place a Tiger’s Eye on a Crystal Grid

How to Use Tiger’s Eye for Feng Shui

Because it’s known to stimulate the flow of money, it’s best placed in the south and southeast corners of the room, the areas known for Career and Fame. Have one in your personal office to encourage action, passion, and creative thinking.
Its balancing properties are also very useful to have near your kids’ room. This can calm overactive behavior and bring positive energy. Bull’s Eye’s active energy are great to have in you and your partner’s room because it can improve your relationship.

Ancient Gods and Goddess and Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye represents the energy of Bastet, the Cat goddess and protector of the sun god Ra. It’s also been connected with Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of War. This allows it to grant one the strength of a lion.
In Norse Mythology, Tiger’s Eye honors Freyja, the Goddess of Beauty and Love. For the Greek, this crystal is associated with Persephone, the wife of Hades and Goddess of the Spring.

How is Tiger’s Eye Formed?

Despite looking like a stone, the Tiger’s Eye is actually a kind of microcrystalline quartz that has stripes of gold and brown on them. It’s formed when crocidolite, a kind of blue asbestos, is layered over by a Chalcedony quartz while still retaining its shape. The crocidolite eventually dissolves and leaves a stain on the quartz, which is where the rich colors of gold comes from.
This process usually results in the bluish Hawk’s Eye, and exposure to Hematite results to the reddish color of the Bull’s Eye. As for the more brown and gold Tiger’s Eye, the color comes from a mix of Hematite and Limonite with the latter having a more yellowish tint.