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    Healing Properties of Aventurine Jewelry, Bracelets, Crystal Skulls, and Orgonite Pyramids

    Aventurine is a type of quartz recognized for its glistening sheen that sparkles under the bright light. It is a brilliant crystal collection starter due to its spectacular appearance and reasonable price. It is also popularly used in jewelry, bracelets, crystal skulls, and orgonite pyramids. Also called the Stone of Opportunity, the stone is prerequisite to call upon good luck and success. more...less...

    The gemstone’s deeper purpose is helping you release bad old habits, so you are ready for new opportunities and can move forward with confidence. The healing properties of Aventurine benefit your nervous system and thymus. The crystal helps balance your blood pressure and stimulate your metabolism. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and heals the lungs, heart, muscles, and urinary tract.  

    Healing Properties of Green and Red Aventurine
    The Aventurine stone comes in various colors, but the most common are red and green. The Green variety promotes good humor, happiness, hope, and optimism. It helps keep you well-grounded in times of change and emotional turmoil. It also clears your energetic systems and promotes mental growth and understanding. Moreover, it increases your physical and vibrational energy to stimulate your life force. 

    On the other hand, the Red Aventurine is all about strength, determination, perseverance, and vitality. It radiates good energy vibrations and inspires you to live your life to the fullest. It also diffuses negativity, enhances creativity, and balances the male-female energies. Furthermore, it helps you pursue your personal goals by inspiring you to make ideas and assisting you in following through on them.  

    What does Aventurine do spiritually?
    Aventurine assists you in getting in touch with your ability to give selfless love, share prosperity, and seek the truth. It has a powerful connection to the spiritual realm, which keeps you healthy and alert. It also helps you take overpowering emotions and adds a splash of logic to them for greater clarity and insight. Moreover, it promotes healthy relationships by opening your eyes to the true beauty of a person with good character. 

    The Green Aventurine helps clear and reinforce your heart chakra and emotional well-being. It enables you to release attachments to outcomes and heal and move on with your life. Then again, the Red Aventurine emboldens perseverance, commitment, and discernment. It provides you with the courage to manifest your highest ideals and prevents you from being wavered from the course aligned with your highest good. 

    What is an orgonite pyramid, and how is a Green Aventurine pyramid useful?
    An orgonite pyramid is a combination of crystals and metals in resin renowned for its ability to transform negative energy into positive energy to maintain your physical, emotional, and spiritual body in equilibrium. It also aids in experiencing more profound meditation, inspires happiness, awakens innate psychic senses, and mitigates the harmful effects of EMF radiation. Furthermore, it purifies the environment and remedies insomnia. 

    The use of different materials can impact the pyramid’s effectivity. A Green Aventurine Orgonite Pyramid brings warm, peaceful, and harmonious energies to your home, workplace, and sacred space. You can place it in a pot to make your plant grow. You can also put it in your wallet or cash drawer to build your finances. The pyramid amplifies the positive effects of Green Aventurine in bringing prosperity, financial wealth, and positive outcomes.