Zen and the Art of Meditation with Crystals

Zen has been paired with various arts not the least of which is motorcycle maintenance. Now we take a different tack and look at meditation with crystals. As powerful as it is alone, imagine the impact on your mood and energy level when accompanied by these marvelous gemstones. Colorful stones that we all know and love assist the process of self-healing that is a byproduct of hypnosis and meditation.

Sure, you can just stick with your body and mind in a relaxed state for twenty minutes; but why not place certain crystals by your side or on your person to enhance the experience. It is said that you can elevate your consciousness that much more when crystals come into the picture. There is no mystery or magic to it. It is part and parcel of what they do naturally as objects of nature.

The goal of meditation is to rid your mind of the extraneous paraphernalia of existence in order to achieve a better state. Certain techniques must be mastered such as shutting out distraction and external sensations. Above all, negativity must be kept at bay. The deeper you go, the better the relaxation. Crystals are known to bring about such calm and peacefulness, even on their own. They are the purveyors of the wisdom of the universe; it lies in their chemical makeup.



Give Crystals a Try


It comes down to what crystals work best for you and what purpose you have in mind when using them. If you want a wonderful, blissful meditative state, they can easily do the job. If you want healing, it is a definite possibility. If you are aiming higher for spiritual awakening, try different combinations of stones to see what happens.  

There is no perfect recipe for choosing crystals. It is all about evoking your natural energy with these beautiful items as your guide. Meditation can only benefit from their powerful properties. Some people taut the exceptional qualities of quartz and selenite. Read up on them and learn what to expect.

Meditation requires a quiet space where you feel comfortable and safe. There should be no sounds or noises to impair the process. You want to achieve Zen contemplation. It is priceless. Obliterate the real world as you regress to a more primitive state. You will soon experience a different level of energy in the room and yourself. Your space becomes sacred in effect: crystals are an important part of the ambience.


Hold them and feel their vibration


Touching your stone and feeling its presence will make it come alive. Use it to start the visualization process so you can imagine yourself in a new form. Often, the crystal will direct your mind and reveal its subconscious needs. They are “listening to you” to help you reach your goal. With their help, you will soon find your Zen state. As you hold them, focus on your breathing as you do in yoga. Let it ebb and flow. Close your eyes and feel the peace permeate your every cell. You never force meditation; you let yourself drift into peace and calm. Make every effort to let go of tension and anxiety because they are very stubborn entities.


Energy Release


You will know when the meditation time is over and your inner energy has been released. Some people feel it coming from the crystal toward you and back to the stone, like a perpetual circle. In this respect, the relationship is symbiotic. Your energy source is there in your hands, ready to heal your pain, mental or physical. It provides the Zen experience by its very nature. Take your time to enjoy the process. Stop when you are ready and release your crystal. Awaken slowly to a normal state, feeling every part of your body come alive. Return the crystals to their resting place so you can easily find them the next time.

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