Your Spirit Animal

We all have a spirit and therefore an animal associated with specific traits. Studies show that there are basic personality types that can be linked to the qualities of an animal that becomes our totem or power image. Some people more than others are in tune with the animal kingdom. Learning to identify your own spirit animal can make a big difference in your life as you address problems and decision-making milestones.

To begin, you will have some insight into your essential nature. You can also learn to channel yourself in a new direction to take advantage of your full nature. Tapping into one’s primal self is known to release energy and well-being. It comes down to simple guidelines. You will soon identify with an animal that will be like a guardian angel for you. It is not like having a pet to love and dote on. Your animal spirit is otherworldly although it exists in the here and now.



Read your dreams


Your spirit animal may have already been revealed to you in your dreams. If a particular animal is recurring, you are ready to embrace it in your waking life. Hopefully, it is a kind and loving animal and not an aggressive one ready to attack. Yes, we all have a dual nature, but one animal will be dominant.

If it is a bear, it will be aggressive and powerful, a creature of strength and fortitude. It also has a deep connection to nature and the earth. On the other hand, if you find that you are connected to the butterfly, your spirit may want to take wing. Furthermore, it denotes a personality in the process of transformation and change, implying personal growth and development.

Read up on dream interpretation so you have some kind of foundation for deciphering the clues given you during sleep. Your mind is evoking your spirit animal because you no doubt have need for it at this time. It may have a connection to your past, so try to examine it in full against the context of your life.

Did you go to the zoo and have an immediate connection with one of the animals? Did a neighbor have an animal with which you identified? Maybe something happened in school or while on vacation. There should be signs that lead you to the truth of your special creature.


Examine your life


Now that your dreams have revealed your personal animal and evoked past memories, it is time to examine your life for further signs. Maybe you are in trouble and need a guide. Your animal may be trying to speak to you and you are not noticing. A busy life is the enemy of the spiritual self. Your spirit animal is there to teach you the best path and to help you garner strength and resilience. In other words, it has a purpose in imparting wisdom. Let’s say your spirit animal is a cat. As a symbol, it is cunning, clever, resourceful, and independent. It also has energy and freedom. It is curious and adventurous but also patient and loving.

You may be lucky enough to have the deer as your spirit animal—a sensitive creature who is intuitive and deep. As a symbol, the deer denotes confidence and success, while embodying grace and gentleness. Also on the softer side of the spectrum is the dove that indicates a peaceful nature and new beginnings. The dolphin, on the other hand, is a symbol of playful wisdom and denotes a person who communicates well on a spiritual level.

We know a man whose spiritual animal is the elephant. He incarnates the being’s wisdom, understanding, and humanitarianism in helping others as a beast of burden. He acknowledges the positivity of this animal and embraces its traits to become a purveyor of community service and voluntarism. In a different vein, a friend has the frog as her spirit guide of healing, and it is no surprise that she is doctor. She values that the frog is connected with peace from suffering.

Men and women alike are associated with more volatile and assertive animals like wolves, foxes, lions, hawks, and tigers. They are variously sly, detached, protective, passionate, driven, courageous, authoritative, open-minded, and reflective. Animals like the mouse, peacock, horse, turtle, and owl are associated with human characteristics. There are many animals to correspond with the most individualistic people. It may take some self-reflection, but finding yours is the beginning of self-awareness and growth.

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