Use Your Aura’s Color to Plan Your Exercise Regime

We know we need to exercise, but it doesn’t have to be a boring routine at the gym. You can customize what you do to tone up and get energized. One way is to coordinate your physical workout with the color of your aura. I am not kidding. We all have one waiting to be discovered.

Some people who follow this plan have adopted running or cycling. Dancing is a viable option if you like aerobics. Swimming, team sports, and even golf have their benefits. Let your aura dictate your path to strength and health. When it comes to fitness, your personal color may be the key.



Discover your aura


Don’t be afraid of your aura. It is just a psychic energy field that surrounds your body. Its color reflects your true nature in terms of personality, career, goals in life, passions, and strengths. It might even be a combination of several colors that blend harmoniously, just like the various elements of your being. The stronger the emanation, the more in tune you are with your inner self.

Finding your aura will release your personal power in whatever you do. In this article, we are concerned with your physical well-being and the role of exercise. Since color is our guide, let’s have a look at what a few of them prescribe in the realm of workouts.


Color your exercise


Going through the typical palette of colors, we see that certain workout regimes will appeal to the person with that hue of aura.

Red is the color the natural earth and one of the basic elements along with fire, water, and air. People with this aura are grounded and stable. They rely on their senses to interpret the data of the world that comes to them in the form of stimuli. They prefer careers that use the physical body like sports, firefighting or construction. They like facts and figures they can rely on. They like a workout that causes them to sweat and exert themselves like weightlifting or cardio machines.

Orange is the color of the daredevil and free spirit. Think Evel Knievel or Jackie Chan. Notice the preferred hue of racecar drivers’ suits and cars. These types crave rock or mountain climbing, and anything done outside. A big choice for them are martial arts and extreme sports like competitive snowboarding or sky diving.

Yellow is associated with the child in us because we are born with this aura. If you retain it permanently, you will be endowed with the gifts of wonder, joy, curiosity, and laughter. Lucky yellow aura holders like to have a good time. Let’s go with Zumba for this crowd, or ballroom dancing. Something out of the ordinary is desired.

Green auras belong to people who are good in business and astute with strategies. They make things happen and are called “materializers.” They love active, high-powered work and seek success to measure their worth. Greens love daily long jogs and anything that can be clocked and evaluated. Power yoga has great appeal for them too.

Blue is found in the aura of parents. They may have had another color prior to having children. Someone born with a blue aura loves teaching, performing therapy and medical treatments, and even massage—anything nurturing. As such, they enjoy giving back and doing community work. Sometimes they don’t remember to exercise, but when they do, they gravitate to yoga, meditation, or cleaning the house.

Violet indicates a person who is a born leader and communicator, the type laden with idealism like a missionary or teacher. They love yoga and any exercise with a higher purpose. This could be ballet dancing, especially with a partner who depends on you.

Finding crystals in an aura means the person has a “high frequency” and is not well grounded. They need to make up for this lack and combat their flightiness. They have a tendency to daydream and live in the realm of the mind and imagination. They are energetic and enliven any space they enter. If they run out of steam, their form of exercise is anything physical like meditative walking where they can pursue their thoughts. Yoga works well as an alternative.

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