Use Crystals and Transform Your Bedroom into a Spiritual Place

One’s bedroom is a sacred place. It is where you retire at night to find peace and slumber. It is meant to be a place of spiritual restoration wherein the mind, body, and spirit become one. If your room is too bright, near a noisy area of the house, or laden with electronic gear, you are missing the point. We all need to disconnect from our computers and digital phones lest we become zombies frozen to illuminated screens. It is time to take stock of your own bedroom and rate its ability to operate as an energy renewal station and a worry disposal plant. If you are less than recharged in the morning, there are things you can do to transform your sleep space by using crystals. They engender a powerful healing capability and deep comfort.



We all take our bedrooms for granted: there is a bed, a nightstand or two, a dresser and maybe a chair. But if it just a mundane environment, you are not deriving the full benefit it should provide. A quick survey of the scene will reveal a lot about how you address your need for sleep. Is your laptop always with you, even while in bed waiting to nod off? Are you addicted to late night TV or perhaps a session with your favorite iTunes? All these activities will destroy your chances of a satisfying sleep and personal renewal. Remember that you have been warned.

Now I focus on you insomniacs out there who can’t sleep a wink. Yes, those of you who constantly look at the clock. There is no solution in working late to get a head start on the next day. It only makes your productivity worse in the morning when you should be at your best. Rather, when you are ready for bed, think sleep and only sleep. Put your mind at rest. For the moment, there are a few simple ways to get into the sleep zone at night. They may seem obvious, but if you were already practicing these principles, you wouldn’t be lying in bed with eyes open wide night after night.

First, what is the condition of your bed? Is it neat and well made? If it is messy with sheets and bedcovers strewn about, it is hardly an inviting proposition. One symbolic task each morning of making your bed can lead to enormous changes in your sleep patterns. No doubt your subconscious will get the right signal when you tuck yourself in.

Next, think about your window coverings be they curtains, blinds, or shades. When they are open, your body responds to the morning light with renewed energy. Conversely, when they are closed, your mind knows it’s time for rest. Let this action become a routine, so that you feel variously stimulated or tired. It is all about balance in life, according to the dualities of yin and yang.

Third, is your room a temple of clutter and mess? Most people I know have dressers and nightstands laden with too many odds and ends such that they can’t find a tissue or TV remote no matter how hard they try. I know that a tidy room is a peaceful room inside and out. Take a look at your drawers and the bottom of your closet. Too much junk and/or scattered clothing has a mental effect more like caffeine than a sedative. A busy environment is a reflection of an overloaded mind. Clean up, get clarity, and sleep better at night.

The last point has to do with the electronics mentioned above, and it is by no means the least important in terms of impacting sleep; so it bears repeating. Unplug and deactivate: this is my message. No exceptions allowed.


Using Crystals in the Bedroom


Now that you know what can go wrong, let’s look at what can go right. Using crystals in the bedroom is vitally important in creating a suitable mood for slumber. They are potent and productive, so let them work for you. If they are unfamiliar, I will make their purpose clear. You don’t need too many by the way, just enough for full efficacy. Don’t let them be part of the clutter and rev up your psyche. Crystals are often described as “chatterers” which means they can keep you up at night. A few strategically placed is all you need.

If you are going the crystal route, and I believe you should, a good place to start is with selenite. It is wonderful for putting a damper on the mental baggage that plagues your thoughts and dreams. It is known to sweep away overactive emotions and relieve a cluttered mindset before you retire. Whatever is disrupting your sleep, selenite is a great antidote. Some people place it on their bodies so that its calming magic enters as a kind of light energy. Keep it top of mind.

Rose quartz and amethyst are alternative additions to your crystal collection. They work hand in hand to connect with your inner being, particularly your love nature, whether it is conscious or not. Rose quartz on its own has a unique ability to deepen your capacity of feeling, taking you from the rational to the intuitive level. There is a close kinship to real love (whether of the self or others) in this crystal. Amethyst adds its expansive energy to the mix so that each type of crystal magnifies the power of the other.

In sum, crystals completely transform the energy of your bedroom to send you into the best sleep of your life. Better than melatonin or sleeping pills, crystals are natural elements with inherent intensity that speak to you variously at different times of the day or night. You can get out of the rut of insomnia and morning fatigue by including my choice of selenite, rose quartz and amethyst. No more counting sheep!

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