The Warrior Pose: A Way to Handle Major Life Changes

No one cruises through life unscathed. There are inevitable ups and downs, making it a bumpy ride. But we can smooth it out by accessing our more spiritual side. In times of change and transition, where unease and uncertainty rear their ugly heads, turning to some tried and true principles can help.

As humans, we are ruled by nature and its cyclical rhythms. Nothing ever changes in the pattern of dawn to dusk or the waxing and waning cycles of the moon. The process of conceiving and giving birth to new life is controlled by Mother Nature’s strict hand. Life proceeds in exactly the same way from childhood to death in all of us—eon after eon. It is seen in the evolution of a seed to a tree or the passing of the seasons.

Through it all we experience continual transition. We grow and develop according to prescribed phases. In spite of its ubiquity and inevitability, we must learn to adapt, and we often face difficulties at certain times in our lives. We may feel lost and alone, like the last beings on earth.

You know that the time of confusion will pass, and you can speed it up for a better outcome. We don’t just have to cope: we can learn to thrive. Those with this inner knowledge seem to do better overall. Major transitions in particular, such as a new job, a wedding, a breakup, a death in the family or other loss require fortitude and spiritual strength. Life is a journey but there are guides along the way.



Yoga, the perennial panacea


Everyone in tune with their inner self has a favorite way of dealing with change. Yoga is one of the most popular and effective lifestyle choices. Along with meditation, it can calm the soul and heal the afflicted. The goal is self-empowerment in the face of life’s trials and tribulations. It will help you sleep, attain inner peace, and feel at one with the universe.

Many attest to a renewed inner clarity after the practice of yoga. People say they acquire physical and mental strength and feel more anchored to the earth. No wonder it is universally recognized as the road to resilience. For centuries, gurus have sought personal growth and insight; yoga is the modern method of choice. Through its many benefits, you can become a true spiritual warrior fighting for balance and harmony.


The Warrior Pose


In yoga, there are many poses, each with a different purpose. The best one for life transitions is said to be Virabhadrasana, or the warrior pose, from the revered Bhagavad-Gita. It is meant to evoke bravery in battle against the enemy, which in spiritual terms is self-ignorance or Avidya. This major flaw in the human personality must be controlled if one is to avoid suffering. Once our negative side is mastered, we can move on to face the world.

For this pose, follow this guideline: standing tall in Mountain pose, keep your legs parallel. Put one forward, while the standing or back leg is straight and at a slight angle. Exhale as you bend the front leg (do not lunge). Remember to keep your spine vertical in this pose.  Now raise your arms in alignment with the ears as you inhale. Try to be comfortable; you may need to adjust your shoulders.


Additional Steps


You have the basic way to confront change and conquer hesitations during life transitions. There are also some simple guidelines you can follow daily to ensure you achieve the stability you need to feel and do your best. In simple terms, we have eight of the most helpful principles outlined here:


  1. Embrace God as the Source and the riches of the universe. It will change your life.
  2. Evolve and become a new you. Honor yourself and what you can be.
  3. Take time to relax and breathe. Try therapy, massage, and meditation-and of course yoga.
  4. Listen to your inner voice; it is wise and welcome.
  5. Listen to others and cherish their gifts but be careful of bad advice.
  6. Be grateful for all you have in life. Make it Thanksgiving every day.
  7. Be creative and try new things. Let your brain roam freely and explore.


Don’t get stuck in a rut. Allow yourself to develop and grow.

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  • Rhonda Brodie

    How do I meditate ? My mind has so many thoughts abt what-to-do’s and it’s cluttered. How do I uncluttered my mind and what do I think abt while meditating ??

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