Tap Into Your Psychic Gift

Who doesn’t want to be a psychic? Think of all the people you can help. If you believe you have the gift, there are many proven ways to bring it out and enhance it. It probably is lying dormant just waiting to emerge.

If you have ignored your calling, you are not alone. Most people don’t recognize their hidden potential until there is a specific need. Maybe someone asked your advice or felt a connection to you. Maybe you find that you can read coffee grounds or tea leaves. Suddenly, you know that you have spiritual skills. You may not be ready to call yourself a clairvoyant just yet, but it could be just down the road. It takes a bit of meditation and concentration, but you can access your innate talent. To help your ESP grow stronger, we suggest a few more strategies in no particular order.



Get in the Zone


If you want to hone your psychic abilities, it makes sense to adopt the right mindset. This means going into the adventure with faith in yourself and a belief in the future. After all, a lot of being a psychic has to do with seeing ahead. You can get in the mood by reading literature on the subjects or speaking with others. There are some amazing stories out there that are sure to pique your interest and set you on the path to power. Whatever gives you inspiration is a good resource.

Part of getting in the zone is to learn how to relax and release tension. Meditation and yoga are the best methods we know because they control the breath and free the mind from extraneous thoughts, especially the negative ones that block one from tapping into their psychic gift. Meditation, in fact, is known to change brain wave patterns and slow your metabolism, while it affects heart rate and blood pressure. Given that ESP is a kind of energy, it makes sense that a practice that changes your mindset releases this valuable element. We know of no faster and better way to get in touch with your psychic spirit.


Change Your Point of View


How you interact with others is key to the development of psychic skills. You can’t enter another person’s sphere if you are not in tune with them on a spiritual level. You also cannot focus on someone with whom you have conflict. In that many psychics start with family and friends, it pays to resolve any arguments or hostilities to pave the way for a new relationship. Get rid of the personal drama in your life and watch your psychic abilities expand.

Once you have a new lease on life and a more open point of view, you can channel your psychic energies positively. We suggest making a personal vow not to misuse them for personal gain. Your skills can bring you income, but your mission should start with helping others lest you loose sight of your real value. If you do enjoy foresight, we hope you limit it to beneficial purposes. So get rid of greed first and foremost.

Also part of changing one’s point of view to oneself and others is to release any lingering fear. Like negativity in general or conflict, fear of the supernatural, for example, can block access to ESP. Know that a psychic is highly valued in society and nothing to be afraid of, no matter how profound your gift. Once you are free from deep-rooted fear, you will notice how much more you enjoy your new role in life.


Use Objects, Mantras, Affirmations and Charms


To improve your psychic skills, there are many aids to the process such as special objects like candals, charms and amulets, mantras and affirmations, and, of course, crystals. Touching them, for example, can yield powerful results and evoke dormant feelings. Some say that objects, on the other hand, provoke visions. It is a pretty exciting proposition.

It has to do with expanding one’s imagination and letting go of the material world. Be free to roam new realms in your mind. Some people like to commune with nature or look forward to the revelations of their dreams. A certain place, object, or person can trigger psychic forces that you can harness and use. Try a little of everything to see what works for you.


A Word on Telepathy


We bandy words like psychic and ESP about, and now let’s have a look at another powerful concept. You can call it foresight, clairvoyance, or whatever you like. It is often said to be the ability to read others’ thoughts. It can be invoked with Tarot Cards as well. What a wonderful power you have when you enjoy telepathy. It is a rich and rewarding experience to communicate in more subtle ways. If you are particularly adept in this realm, you might try conducting a séance with one or more persons. The best “subjects” are sensitives, or types who project their feelings well.

Special skills like telepathy can be improved or enhanced through practice. It takes time to learn the right degree of concentration after you enter the proper mindset. Repeat experiences after your first success will make you stronger and more open to the marvels that your psychic gift can bring.

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