Spiritual Awakening: The Dawning of Pure Consciousness

Over the past several centuries, our planet has been increasingly heading towards a state of crisis. Expedited by materialism, selfishness, and supposed ‘advances’ in technology, mankind has found himself in a spiritually impoverished state. The very meaning of life has been bled of dignity, and re-defined as the endless pursuit for more things.

But just as an object can only be tossed so high before gravity brings it down again, so can our souls only deviate so far from nature and the truth, before we begin to be pulled back to our origins again.

Thus, we have seen the awakening of consciousness, as the universe pulls us ineluctably back to a state of pure consciousness: the spiritual awakening process has begun.



What is Spiritual Awakening?


Spiritual awakening is the return of humanity to a state of pure consciousness.

Most of us have been trained, raised, and brainwashed into a very dense and ignorant state of consciousness.

The five senses and their offshoots are considered to be the very limits of perception.

We are told that only that which can be observed and detected by these senses has any basis in reality. Anything that occurs outside of this incredibly narrow spectrum of phenomena is automatically considered to be a hallucination, delusion, or the product of a diseased or maladapted mind.

But infinity cannot be denied for long, even by the most rigid of paradigms.

And so the spiritual awakening experience has begun to take hold. People are being drawn back to the mystery of the unexplained. They feel an unconscious drive to explore and understand the powerful and omnipresent invisible forces that shape our lives -- forces which science has largely ignored or refused to define.


The Call Back to the Cosmos


This call back to the cosmos can occur in a myriad of complex and divergent ways, and so shall be covered more thoroughly in a forthcoming article. But amongst the symptoms are:

  • Unexpected mystical experiences in which the realms of possibility are suddenly expanded
  • Contact or encounters with spiritual or supernatural beings
  • Contact with the deceased
  • Experiences that go beyond the recognized senses
  • Vivid dreams
  • Near Death Experiences
  • A dissatisfaction with the current values of our society
  • The desire for something that goes beyond life
  • Interest in psychedelic drugs and altered states of consciousness
  • A yearning to return to nature
  • Interest in meditation, religion, and the activities of more naturalistic cultures


Spiritual Awakening – Why It Happens


Why are so many people undergoing the experience of spiritual awakening?  In short: because it is necessary for the survival of the planet.

It is an inexorable law of the universe that, once something reaches the absolute pinnacle of its extremity, it must invariably decline in the opposite direction. Taoist mystics have understood this principle for thousands of years, echoing it in such saying as:


Once something reaches the height of its strength, it must begin to weaken;

When something is hollow and empty, it must begin to be filled


The sun begins to decline after it reaches its zenith at mid-day. The forces governing this planet must do the same. Even Newtonian Physics recognizes this truth with the adage:


“For every force, there must be an equal and opposite force.

For every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction.”


Our consciousnesses have been contracting for too long – now they must expand, to be in the harmony with nature again.


Dawn of the New Consciousness


So, just as the forces of evil, selfishness, and ignorance have reached their zenith -endangering the human race and the planet it depends upon - so must there be an equal and opposite force to oppose and harmonize it, which will bring it back into balance.

This is why we are seeing a rising surge in the desire for compassion, selflessness, greater connectivity, enlightenment and holism – these are the tools with which we will create the world anew, and return to the glory and peace of the past.

Creation is always within destruction; hope is always within seeming hopelessness.

The expansion of our consciousnesses is the only chance the human race has for rectifying its terrible mistakes.

As our minds and hearts become purified and clarified by the expansion of our spiritual awakening, selfishness and our obsession with material goods and personal indulgence will disappear. The confusion and terror of our nightmares will be cast out with the dawn of the new consciousness.


Then you will see the world as it always was.


And the truth will be yours to live.

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