Reliable morning crystal ritual

This one’s for you, if you’re looking to start adding (more) crystal rituals into your life. Before I get to it, was it easy to push yourself out of bed this morning?

Even if you don’t particularly enjoy mornings, this ritual is effortless. I call it “Flow Through Your Day in Harmony”.

How would you like your day to turn out? Do you find that a monkey wrench is always thrown into your day, and you definitely want to find the time to relax and read that one book that’s been waiting for you to open it for weeks now? Or do you often find that even on a regular day at the office, all you can think about is getting back home? Well, I bet you’ve thought about the next day the night before often enough, but have you done it in the way I’m about to tell you about? 

Depending on your crystal collection you can choose a specific crystal, depending on the type of energy you’re after. (For example, if you’re looking for the sweet sweatpants nothingness day off - pick a crystal that is full of zen energy.)

If you don’t have a huge crystal collection, simply choose the one that calls for you. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to work any less.

Now for the ritual itself. (Make sure your crystal is within your reach.)

Shut out all distractions and external sensations. Move to another room if needed; or if you wake up earlier than your spouse then you can comfortably do it in bed.

Take as many slow deep breaths in and out as you need to help you tune out. Let yourself drift into peace and calm. You will soon experience a different level of energy in the room and yourself. Your space becomes sacred in effect, and your crystal is an important part of the ambience.

Place or hold your chosen crystal on your heart chakra. Now visualize and run through what you want out of your day one more time. How do you want it to go? How do you want to FEEL today? Think of a mantra that you can repeat day after day to solidify that feeling every time you say it to yourself. What you’re doing is programming your crystal with your mind’s intention and amplifying that intention with the emotions from your heart.  

Give thanks to your crystal and awaken slowly to a normal state. That’s it. If you need to take 5 minutes for it, take 5. If you can do it in 2 minutes or less, take 2 or less.

If you feel you can benefit, both emotionally and physically, from how you’re handling your days let this ritual take you one step closer.

Remember to cleanse your crystal often when doing this. 



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